GAMBIT Movie: Producer Confirms That Channing Tatum Is Still Attached To Star

– by Joseph Medina

Gambit is a great character, don’t get us wrong. However, giving him his own film was a decision that never fully grabbed me. Could it work? Absolutely. But the idea of a Gambit-focused movie wasn’t something that ever resonated with us on a base level. Last year around this time, the Gambit film was expected to hit production with a budget of around $150 million. However, with the success of Deadpool — a film with around a third of the budget — it seemed to prompt a need to go back to the drawing board.

In the time since Gambit quietly slid off the Fox slate, things have remained largely quiet. Fox released X-Men: Apocalypse and began its marketing push for the grounded Logan, which would act as Hugh Jackman’s official sendoff from the X-Men franchise. This left relatively little time to contemplate the fate of Gambit. Was the film still in the works, and why did they pump the brakes on it in the first place?

Did the success of Deadpool actually create an initiative to make the Gambit film more unique and identifiable than your run-of-the-mill superhero flick? While speaking at the TCA 2017 for FX’s Legion (via Collider), producer Lauren Shuler Donner minimized the effect Deadpool’s performance has had on Gambit.

“Well, [the only similarities are] that it’s a solo spinoff, that’s the only thing. They are different animals.”

And what of the film’s lead, Channing Tatum? Given the actor’s increasingly busy schedule, would he still be able to make room to don the staff and trenchcoat in the future? Additionally, the prospect of a Gambit movie isn’t exactly something fans are clamoring for, which inherently makes it more of a risk.

All Donner would say on the matter was:

“At this point, yes, [Tatum is still attached.”

Unfortunately Donner was mum as to any further details regarding the project as a whole. Given that Fox is already busy with Logan, Deadpool 2, the next X-Men, and The New Mutants, there’s no real rush to throw Gambit out in theaters. At this point, it’s more important that they slow cook that Gambit idea to perfection so that it can make as big of a splash as Deadpool did. But as far as Tatum’s involvement…we’ll see if he’s still around by the time the ball gets rolling

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SOURCES: Collider

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