– by Seth McDonald

A new post on the Instagram account of actress Alison Bree announced the beginning of production for the second season of the Netflix series GLOW. The show stars Brie, who is probably best known for the show Community, along with Betty Gilpin and Marc Maron. The show follows the lives of professional female wrestlers. You can see the post below:

We're back… #glownetflix #season2

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The series debuted last summer toward the end of June. I hadn’t heard much about the show but I came across it while flipping around through Netflix on the Friday it premiered. I figured I would give it a shot and was pleasantly surprised. Only having half hour episodes, it was an easy binge and I finished the show in a day. While it’s not high on my anticipation list, I will probably binge the second season just as I did the first.

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Source: Alison Brie

  • Dersu DeLarge

    Looking forward to it!

  • Victor Roa

    they still need a Matilda the Hun type character, an old school female wrestler who they refused to fight men so she fought bears at circuses. The biggest problem is that the original show ran for like 3 years and then went kaput fast, so there’s already a ticking clock before it turns into that 70s Show where it never goes into the 80s. But still they tap into that 80s nostalgia better then anyone else and make a show that’s almost the Karate Kid.

  • Momitchell

    Season One was a guilty pleasure… I watched it because I remember the actual weekly show when it came out when I was a kid. I thought this Netflix series was very well done.