Gotham: The Good, The Bad...The Riddler!

– by Mark Cook
Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Gotham is back after its extended hiatus.  Read on to check out the good, the bad, and if it stands a chance for another season.

Good: The Riddler -- It's finally Nygma's time to shine.  His riddles mixed with his goal of eliminating Gotham's most intellectual was a good portrayal of his true narcissism, which is extremely true to the comics.  I am looking forward to Nygma sending the GCPD through a frenzy trying to figure out his riddles.  This was a good move to make because there are numerous possibilities for story lines involving an intellectual battle for supremacy. It was great seeing him don the green suit!  The riddles reminded me of The Riddle Missions in Batman: Arkham City, where smaller riddles lead to Nygma's grand finale. It was interesting to see Nygma struggle as an emerging villain.  Even with his extreme narcissism, his conscious seems to be his main enemy. (Also, it was a nice little Easter Egg with Nygma's ringtone being from Batman 66's Batphone.)

Bad: Bruce -- Whether it is his doppelganger, or Bruce himself, this is still the downfall for me.  I have never been impressed with the way Gotham has portrayed young Bruce.  The stories aren't very interesting, and the doppelganger has been dragged out the entire season. The alley scene seemed rushed as well. He has received some boxing, and knife throwing lessons, so now he can take on five guys at the same time...alright. I honestly think the show would do better if they sent Bruce away to learn / train, and focus on the villains, Gordon, the GCPD, etc. It looks like he may receiving his training wherever The Court has him, but it looks as if he will still be a focus in the series. 

Good: Lucius Fox -- I enjoyed his role in this episode.  He received more screen time than usual, his intelligence was crucial,  and makes sense when going against Nygma. Not only is he intelligent enough to solve the riddles, but he can also read Nygma's emotions, which not only infuriated him, but also lead to Fox inferring that Nygma killed Cobblepot.  His cohesion with Bullock worked well, and had some points of humor to it.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

The Good: Penguin Being Alive -- I knew there was no way Cobblepot could have been dead. "Killing" him seemed dumb to me at first, but it not only added to Nygma's mental instability, but will now lead to the two of them battling wits!  This could lead to some great stories.  I am hoping to see Penguin and Riddler battle for power in Gotham much like Falcone and Maroni did in Season 1, which I thought was great.  I also found it interesting that Ivy found Penguin.  I would like to see her have more of a role, possibly as an ally of Cobblepot.

Bad: The Court of Owls -- The story line for The Court seemed like it was going to be the main feature of Season 3.  It has moved at a snail's pace over the months, and this episode didn't seem to shed much more light on the purpose of the story line.  Yes, they want Bruce out of the way so he doesn't dig up trouble, which would probably lead to The Court.  I think this is something most of us figured at the beginning of the season when The Court first picked up Bruce's doppelganger.  This story line has been anticlimactic. 

The return episode was decent, but I would like to see it pick up now that we know Penguin is alive.  What'd you think of the return of Gotham? Did you enjoy the portrayal of The Riddler? Would did you find good / bad?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!



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