'Hellboy III': Why Ron Perlman Wants This Sequel Made

– by Joseph Medina

Seemingly out of nowhere, “Hellboy III” has gotten a lot of recent press. Sure, the “Hellboy” series is much beloved by fans and critics alike, but they’ve never done huge business at the box office. After two movies, it seemed like a franchise that had run its course. However, when actor Ron Perlman (and Hellboy himself) expressed his interest, fans and outlets couldn’t help but show their enthusiasm at the prospect.

As we reported last week, Perlman stated that he’s interested in getting a third film underway as soon as possible, but just not through crowdfunding means of any sort (e.g. Kickstarter). In Perlman’s mind, it’s not the fan’s responsibility to fund a project like this. All the same, if we want a sequel, it’s something that should get underway sooner, rather than later.

“I’m getting to that age where if I wait much longer, then ‘Hellboy III’ will be performed out of a wheelchair.”

So, apart from his aging, why is Perlman so anxious to crank out the final chapter in the “Hellboy” franchise? They’ve already made two solid movies, so is there really a reason for a third?

In an interview with Variety, Perlman explained why “Hellboy” and “Hellboy II” make it especially important that “Hellboy III” is made:

“…I’ll tell you the same thing I’ve been telling everyone else, the “Hellboy” saga was meant to have a beginning, a middle and an end, and that, if you were loyal enough to us where you came and watched both those two movies that we made, we owe you a resolve. And there will come a time where he will have to live up to his destiny, which is to be the beast of the apocalypse, or if he has to suppress that destiny by sacrificing himself in some way so as to not destroy mankind but do the opposite. And that’s the discussion of the third film; I think it’s a discussion worth having, and I think it’s something we owe the fans and I’m being very clear about that with…”

Obviously one key component to this threequel is the man himself, Guillermo del Toro, who’s helmed the “Hellboy” series from the get-go. There would almost be no point in going forward without him, and Perlman admits that he hasn’t spoken to del Toro since this recent resurgence of interest in the franchise.

As talented of a filmmaker as Guillermo del Toro is, he always seems to be in the midst of fifteen different projects at a time—half of which usually fall through the cracks into obscurity. With his busy schedule, will he have the time or the interest to return to the “Hellboy” franchise?

Perlman seems to think so. And luckily for fans, he del Toro already has a solid idea of what would be the in the film. There’s no script yet, but it’s an idea that’s well underway in concept, Perlman states.

"It’s in Guillermo’s head. And he’s shared enough of it with me to know that it will be mind-blowing. I mean it will be mind-blowing. It will be great cinema. And if you are somebody who followed the first two movies, it will be even more mind-blowing because we have something… if you liked the first one and the second one, we have something really rock ’em, shock ’em in the third one."

Are any of you stoked to see a third “Hellboy” movie hit the big screen?

Sources: Digital Spy, Variety

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