HOT RUMOR: More 'Star Wars: Episode VII' Character Tidbits

– by L-R

We received juicy details from our Bothan Spy Network in London in regards to "Star Wars: Episode VII" and the timing couldn't be better.

We’ve sat on some details however; we just don’t report anything without getting confirmation from our sources. Finally our Bothan Spy Network has chimed in giving us permission to publish the following details.

Details recently appeared online concerning “Mercenaries,” but who can these enemies of the Jedi be?

Mandalorians will make a big appearance in the upcoming sequel "Star Wars: Episode VII." If you're asking who are Mandalorians it’s obvious that you're not a Star Wars fan but nonetheless here is some background for you from Wookiepedia

“In their early years, Mandalorian culture revolved around battle, with war being a source of honor and pride in their community.  The leader of the Mandalorians, known as the Mand'alor, translates to "Sole Ruler" and presented as "Mandalore" in Basic. Throughout their history, the Mandalorians often allied with the Sith, perhaps most notably the Sith Lord Exar Kun, and held a certain distrust and general dislike for the Jedi Order. 
However, they wouldn't hesitate to cooperate with the Jedi if a partnership between the two groups was mutually beneficial. In later years, the Mandalorians moved away from their obsessively war-like and conqueror ways and instead, most became bounty hunters and mercenaries, selling their skills to various individuals and factions in the galaxy.”

This matches with we’ve been hearing for months, that group of mercenaries would be antagonizing our Jedi heroes.

Reports from set claim to have spotted some black and silver/chrome troopers. We haven't been able to confirm if these troopers were Mandalorians or just a new group of Imperial Storm Troopers.

To help out you novice Star Wars fans, the two character that wore Mando armor (neither were actual mando born) in the films thus far have been Jango and Boba Fett; in the new Star Wars: Rebels cartoon we have the female Sabine Wren.

star wars boba fett fantasy art artwork 1600x1200 wallpaper_www.wall321.com_47.jpg

The easiest way to describe Mandalorians would be Ninjas. Hired assassins/mercenaries.

Onto the next detail, a Sith Witch/Witches are in ""Star Wars: Episode VII."  We don’t know the name of the character(s) nor do we know if they're loosely based on the Nightsisters of Dathomir, Dathomir of course being Darth Maul’s home world.

A side note, with the Expanded Universe now being confirmed not being part of the Canon. Some background details could change, the one thing that we have been reassured will not change are the overall basic structure of the Star Wars Universe.  Example, while never mentioned in the films, Chewbacca's loyalty to Han Solo started as life debt when he was freed from Imperial Slavery. Boba and Jango Fett are still Mandalorians, Han Solo and Wedge Antilles are still from Corellia. Examples can go on and on.

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