HUGE DC Movie News Update: Braniac, 'Justice League' & 'Suicide Squad'

– by L-R

Early Friday morning, I had the pleasure of dropping in on the MEET THE MOVIE PRESS PODCAST here in Los Angeles with Mark Reilly and The Wrap's Jeff Sneider.

Those two bros always do a good job so I figured I bring them not on but two of my scoops which we broke on the air. Check out the episode below.


Now that Chris Terrio is writing Justice League the HOT RUMOR around town is that BRANIAC will in fact be the bad guy in the upcoming Justice League movie. How is he factored into the movie? What does this mean for Darkseid? Watch the podcast above as I go into more detail.


My other scoop is that I found out who is going to be the seven members of the upcoming Suicide Squad. Here they are below.

BLOCKBUSTER -- the strongman. 

MULTIPLEX -- the human replicator. 

JACULI -- the speedster. 

MINDBOGGLER -- the female telepath.

HARKNESS -- special weapons.

VIXEN -- female with animal abilities.

DEADSHOT The leader of the Suicide Squad and our main hero.

Besides DEADSHOT, the other two members most featured and our co-leads are HARKNESS and VIXEN. I don't have time to go into more detail on each of them because I bag em and toe tag em. I'm sure my other colleagues will go into more detail.

That's it for now with your Dc Movie News Update. Stay tuned as more develops and again check out the podcast above!

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