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2017 may be looked back on as a great year for Stephen King, but it still wasn’t that great for one property in particular. We’re talking about the recent Dark Tower film, which starred Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey.

The film was lashed by critics, and when all said and done, it only made $111 million worldwide. Good thing, the film only took a reported $60 million to make, but between the theater’s cut and the marketing costs, this one was likely still a small loss for Sony Pictures, which isn’t really something any studio wants.

But could there still be a sequel? Speaking with The Radio Times, actor Idris Elba discussed that possibility.

“I think any TV series that is an offshoot from the film can have more time to explore some themes. I’d personally prefer to do another Dark Tower film, exploring some more of the gunslinger – as a film.”

Indeed, given the wealth of source material, there’s always more opportunities to explore, and while critics hated the film, I personally know a good number of Dark Tower fans who appreciated the approach the film takes. Plus, when all said and done, the casting wasn’t really the big weakness of the film.

Would you want to see a new Dark Tower film? Sound off down below!

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SOURCE: Radio Times

  • Markros

    Yes, he would like a big paycheck. But the chances of this happening are somewhere between Slim and NONE. They blew it with Dark Tower. They had pieces that could of worked in a MUCH better more ambitious movie than what we got.

  • AndyInCleveland

    I find that the sentence “_________would like to do another _______film.” is one of the most damning senses that can be written about a franchise.

  • Venomaide

    Yeah he’s the only one.

  • Behemothrex

    When did an actor every say, you know I would really love to turn down 20 million for a movie role, stories like these are dumb, plus just NO!

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