– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Sorry, Marvel and Star Wars fans, but you may need to start paying for another streaming service in the next couple years.

Not along ago, it was revealed that Disney would be pulling all their Disney and Pixar-branded content, and would be releasing their own streaming service. In addition to that content, they’d be creating new and original content so that users would be getting more bang for their buck.

However, one question that’s been on the table is whether or not this Disney-branded content included the likes of Marvel and Star Wars. These are two properties that are owned by Disney, but due to their more violent nature could understandably exist on Netflix. From what we heard, Netflix was still doing their best to renew their contract for those properties following 2018.

Sadly, it doesn’t sound like they succeeded. According to Deadline, while at an investor gathering, Disney CEO Bob Iger confirmed that Marvel and Star Wars would officially be moved from Netflix to the Disney service upon its launch.

“We’re going to launch big, and we’re going to launch hot,” Iger stated regarding the service, which is set to hit in late 2019.

Between all the Disney properties, Pixar properties, plus Marvel and Star Wars, that’ll be quite the launch indeed. But as stated above, that won’t be all. They plan on adding with four to five original series, and three to four original Disney-branded films a year.

It’s unclear what they mean by “Disney-branded” in regard to their original movies. Does it mean they will be utilizing Disney characters, or will they be closer to Disney Channel Original Movies in nature? We’ll have to wait and see what tone they’ll be striking with this service.

One last thing to note. While Marvel is leaving, we have nothing to worry about regarding the Defenders shows. As a co-producer, Netflix has every right to hang onto those as Disney, and given those shows more mature edge, we doubt it’d find a home on this new Disney service. So long as the relationship continues to be mutually-beneficial, we can see that continuing in perpetuity.

So what do you think? Are you bummed that Marvel and Star Wars will no longer be on Netflix? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Deadline

  • Kindofabigdeal

    I usually buy all of the Marvel movies that I want to watch over again. I never watch any of them on Netflix to be honest. If fact, sometimes I wonder why I even subscribe to Netflix. All I ever do is watch the same It’s Always Sunny until a show I like comes on. (Bojack Horesman, Stanger Things, ect.)
    This Disney Channel (hehe) could be cool if they allow us to watch all Marvel movies, all Star Wars movies cartoons (Rebels, I need to ketchup) and any new content that comes along. Then that may be worth the extra $10 (I hope) a month they will charge.

  • Moby85

    Well, Disney currently has no content for me to move to their streaming service. I don’t watch the cartoons (not a statement on their quality, I just don’t) and I own the Star Wars films and the Marvel films that I actually want.

    They would have to develop several, killer, original properties for me to move over. Probably a very highly regarded and high budget Star Wars live action series. Otherwise, hasta la vista Disney.

    • Victor Roa

      I agree but you also have to remember ABC TV is disney productions also, like Scandal or Modern Family which aren’t on Netflix.

  • suckit15694

    it will be too much and people will just stream them illegally.

  • Victor Roa

    streaming internet was never meant for star wars, that’s why I’m VHS.
    BTW, It’s either my family but trying to watch Pixar films on netflix on 25 mb connection….. really bad. The little Dinosaur the part where he’s running and the birds come out, the artifact just gets blury and chunky. I honestly believe the Ratatouille DVD from 2007 looks better then netflix’s best streaming.

  • SaiyanHeretic

    Unfortunate, but I buy the movies I want anyway. For most forms of media, I still prefer owning a hard copy to streaming, because I don’t to want to lose access to my entertainment library every time TWC fucks up my internet connection.

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