– by Seth McDonald

Joss Whedon took to his Twitter account and gave overwhelming praise to Thor: Ragnarok. Being delighted by nearly all aspects of the film. The strong words from Whedon should give Taika Waititi a high sense of achievement. I liken it to having Jimi Hendrix tell you that you are a great guitar player. You can see the post below:

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Encouraging words there coming from someone who knows a thing or two about directing superhero movies. Whedon handled Marvel’s first two Avengers movies, and did quite well considering the scale and cast size of the films. He was also brought in to finish DC’s team-up film, Justice League after Zack Snyder stepped down in the wake of a family tragedy.

I may be slightly more excited about Thor: Ragnarok than I am about Justice League, and considering myself a DC guy, that is saying something.

The wait for  Thor: Ragnarok ends next Friday, November 2.

Will you be in watching Thor: Ragnarok next weekend? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Joss Whedon

  • Weresmurf

    Saw it yesterday (Im in Brisbane, Australia), it really IS that good. Believe the hype.

    • Victor Roa

      I want to lower the expectations into like a VHS tape in a 80s, and you don’t know if you’re getting Starcrash or Mega Force.

      • Weresmurf

        Nah you’re not. The first act is great, the second act is good but does lull a tiny bit, but the third act is great too. Hulk is fantastic, they humanise him a LOT, giving him a voice and some emotion, taking time to explore who he is at his core, the duality of him. The time they take to explore Hulk really feels earnt, given the characterisation he’s been missing over the last few films (Banner got it, Hulk didn’t). The supporting characters are rich and fantastic, especially Taika Waititi’s character.

        My only negative is one Marvel doesn’t seem to be able to avoid: Another goddamn ‘drone army’, for christ sake Marvel. Enough already. But they aren’t used as poorly as AoU did or even Avengers, you’ll see.

        • Victor Roa

          ACK! Don’t want to read, am read, nooo, yes, good, NOOOOO! Holding my hands up my face.
          It’s amazing how much the trick of the Hulk has been for Marvel, by bringing him out little by little they have to make each time more special then the next. I’m possitive audience just want Mr Fix-it Dale Keon style (which tends to be the right age of people who read Infinity Gauntlet) but even that era they did nothing with him….. he could talk, and then? At some point people are gonna realize this is Bill Bixby’s Banner just realize in a modern era, he questions about having children, he often doesn’t know where he stands, he makes friendships with unlikely allies, I’m reminded first time Banner and Stark were beside one another was Heroes Reborn BUT Stark was being a dick to Banner and then it turns out Banner turns into Hulk.
          meh, maybe the drone army is what I’m asking for the whole schlocky VHS era antics. Like Skeletor’s army in Cannon Pictures’ Master’s of the Universe…… neon smoke machine sword fight.

          • Weresmurf

            I promise I’m not giving any actual spoilers here 🙂 There’s PLENTY to spoil regarding Hulk, but I won’t, I’m not a dick. There’s a lot of surprises in the movie. As usual, stay for the credits (2 scenes, middle and end).

            It’s not perfect, but it’s absolutely up there with Marvels best and the NZ style improv humour Taika Watiti brings with him, suits it perfectly.

          • Victor Roa

            HAHA, no, I’m being silly. It’s okay, I kinda am in the small camp who actually likes the Thor films because they are schlocky, but in an era of Man of Steel or it’s nice to just see a hero that comes off like a saturday morning cartoon like He-Man. I’m excited they got the right blend of colors and silliness right. Yeah, I’m a fan of Taika a lot too, he did my favorite Flight of the Concords episode “Too many mother ucker ucking with my shi”

          • Weresmurf

            It’s DEFINITELY very He-Man’ish. To be honest, after Ragnarok, I would utterly hope to god they’d hand him the reigns to Masters of the Universe. I could absolutely see Eternia with a NZ/Maori slant to it. It would be utterly sublime.

          • Victor Roa

            yeah, who knows, who knows…. actually for a while they did mention they wanted to do a season 3 of FoC…. all of them seem too busy even though right now tickets for their new tour is sold out. He also directed the song “Ladies In The World!”

  • Rad4Cap

    Why is this site promoting Whedon again, after the Weinstein-style accusations leveled against him? Would one be quoting Weinstein and talking about him ‘knowing a thing or two about good movies’?

    • Behemothrex

      Because Whedon is a cheater not an abuser, or at least that is what we know so far. Honestly why do any famous people ever get married. Although I guess you could call cheating abusing the spouse, but hey its not sexy enough to get him banned from Hollywood….yet.

      • Rad4Cap

        “not an abuser”

        He explicitly viewed himself as a “producer” – ie an employer – and in that position of power admits he had sex with “his actresses, co-workers, fans”.

        At this point in the Weinstein et al sexual harassment debacle, isn’t it important to have the questions asked and answered in regard to Whedon before promoting him any further? Right now, the power imbalance in these admitted incidents raises SERIOUS questions about sexual harassment. Questions which Whedon has simply brushed aside – ie evaded answering.

        Can those questions – and Whedon’s evasion of them – properly be IGNORED by those who promote him, as has been done here?

        Isn’t that the complaint leveled against “Hollywood” and the “Media”? That the information was out there, but they didn’t want to pursue it – and so they simply turned a blind eye? Isn’t that behavior supposed to STOP now?

  • secretAGENTman

    Here’s the thing Chausse, your opinion doesn’t matter. The opinions of critics doesn’t matter. Even the opinion of my good friends and family doesn’t matter. It world full of cracks and opinions these days… All that matters is my opinion. So you can take your Pinyan good or bad and shove it up your you know what.

  • Laurence

    Watched it today in UK. Awesome. So good.
    And in a weird way it has made me less interested for JLA because it was so good. Bright, colourful, funny, dramatic, great characters with arcs to follow.
    And Hulk is incredible.
    It might be the best comic book film (Captain America Winter Soldier and Dark Knight i don’t class as comic book films but films that have superhero characters).

  • Triple M

    Lower your expectations everyone… it’s not the masterpiece you’re hearing about.

    Watched it in a packed cinema… not a single laugh.

  • TheOct8pus

    Joss Whedon said hilarious 3 times….it must be funny….