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There’s been all kinds of rumblings lately about the production of JUSTICE LEAGUE. From rumors of extensive rewrites, to talk of Ben Affleck being truly in charge while Zack Snyder takes a backseat, and claims of who the villain(s) will be, there’s been a lot said about the DC Films epic. Now, thanks to a set report where the filmmakers gave the world more access to JUSTICE LEAGUE than its allowed up until now, we’ve got some official responses to all of the hullabaloo surrounding the film.

Let’s dive right into the big question:

I. Post-BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE, has Warner Bros. neutered Zack Snyder and asked Ben Affleck to ghost-direct JUSTICE LEAGUE, with Geoff Johns and Jon Berg at his side?

Geoff’s a big part of things,” Affleck says. “Geoff’s a brilliant guy, and there’s nobody that knows more, that I know, about comic books … he’s got a great taste, and he’s really super smart and super nice. Jon Berg, as well, has such a big role. 

But really this is Zack’s movie, and we’re here executing Zack’s vision.

Snyder, himself, addressed the idea that the studio has been on top of him throughout the production. According to the director, the shoot hasn’t been particularly tumultuous and the studio hasn’t been intrusive.

I don’t think so. I would just say that, for me … Batman v Superman … I think that there’s a slight misconception about the shoot, anyway, about how much pressure there was on us, and the pressure on the movie to perform in a certain way.”

The studio’s been amazing with me, and they are a filmmaker driven studio,” Snyder added. “They don’t really do a ton of things by committee. It’s just been a great experience I’ve had with them.

II. Who Will Be The Villain? 

Producer Deborah Snyder revealed that the villain will, indeed, be Steppenwolf. She showed off some artwork of a tall, shadowy silhouette with two horns springing from a faceless head. She confirmed the villain’s identity, and said that they’re close to casting the part, but haven’t yet closed the deal.

We’re not completely closed,” she said. “We’re close!

But Snyder also didn’t rule out the idea that Darkseid would be the big bad in the next JUSTICE LEAGUE. “I don’t want to give away everything,” she said. “I think you’re going to have to wait to see about that.

III. Will The Tone Of The Film Be Similar To BATMAN V SUPERMAN?

According to Zack Snyder: No

The director says he intends for JUSTICE LEAGUE to look and feel somewhat different from BvS. “Yeah, I think that, you know I am obsessed with tone in movies. Tone has always been the main thing that I go after with a movie. And I really wanted the tone of the three movies to be different chapters and not be like the same note that you strike, like ‘Oh okay, there’s this again.’

Because of what, you know, fans have said, and how the movie [Batman vSuperman] was sort of received by some, we have really put the screws to what we thought the tone would be, and — I feel — just crushed it that little bit further.”

Snyder, of course, is referring to the film’s detractors who said the film was too grim, too somber, and not particularly thrilling or fun.

So this should all address a lot of the chatter that’s overtaken the internet in the days, weeks, and months following the release of BATMAN V SUPERMAN: DAWN OF JUSTICE. We now have a much clearer picture of what’s the same, what’s changing, and what to expect when JUSTICE LEAGUE arrives in theaters next year.

Stay tuned to LRM for continued JUSTICE LEAGUE coverage here TODAYas we explore what we’ve learned about the film’s storyline, how some key roles will fit into the grand scheme of things, and much, much more.

SOURCE: Mashable

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