– by Emmanuel Gomez

We are less than a month away from the release of Warner Bros. Pictures Justice League. This will be the first time we see these iconic DC Comics heroes together on the big screen. With that said the marketing campaign for the film has clearly been kicked into high gear and tickets are now available for pre-sale. Part of that marketing campaign includes a new trailer for the Chinese market which you can check out above (UPDATE: The trailer has since been re-releasd in a cleaner UK version, which you can see above).


There are some interesting moments that we can take out of this one minute clip. First of all, although most DC Comics fans already know this, Steppenwolf’s plan is revealed by Diana, saying that “Before I was born, he came as the spearhead of an alien invasion.” What is interesting about that is that this means that he was defeated before, and now is back probably with a greater force. It will be interesting to see how he was defeated the first time around.

We also get a really good look at Steppenwolf’s size compared to a human as well as a bit more dialogue from Darkseid’s General. I must say that Ciaran Hinds’ voice suites this villain very well. The one other moment that I had to go back a few times to catch was a Paradeamon exploding as Batman attempts to interrogate him. The rest of the trailer seems to be made up of other clips that we have already seen in previous trailers.

Overall this was a great trailer giving us a better look at the main villain without giving away too much. Something that they obviously learned from their marketing from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, where the reveal of Doomsday in one of the trailers did not sit well with fans. They have done a good job at keeping Superman away from the trailers, although we have seen him in other promotional items. Who knows what other surprises the film has in store for us, this time around we are going to have to wait and see. Could we get a Green Lantern sighting? Or how about the arrival of Darkseid himself? Let us know what twists or surprises you think we’ll see in the comment section below!

Warner Bros. Pictures Justice League assembles November 17th, 2017.

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Source: YouTube

  • Laurence

    CGI looks really bad. And is Batman now comic relief?

    • AmiRami

      Its typical. BvS and MoS were judged for not having enough humor. So rather than find a balance WB just shoves as much humor in there as they can whether it fits the context or not.

      • Dred17

        Thought it was alright. What’s the problem.

        • AmiRami

          welll we won’t know if there is a problem till it screens. But the trailers are actively highlighting humor as if to say we promise this won’t be as dreary as MoS or BvS. Anytime someone tries to over-convince me of something it throws up a red flag in my mind.

    • Dred17

      How is the CGI bad? Its a comic book movie. I swear all these so called cgi connoisseurs..

    • Deathstroke936

      If critics love Disney for turning Thor into Dwight Schrute… what’s the problem… he needs more one liners…???

  • Victor Roa

    what if it turns out they keep hiding him it’s like UE3’s texture buffering problem we’ve been seeing since the XBox 360 11 years ago?

  • Kindofabigdeal

    Well, you don’t know if, he can fight
    Why don’t you come with me little Wonder Girl
    On a magic space ship ride