– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Justice League has just passed $200 million at the North American box office, Variety reports. It is the 10th film to do so this year.

So far, the film has exceeded $570 million at the worldwide box office. In all honesty, any other film with this performance would be celebrated (this year’s Kong: Skull Island made $566 million worldwide, and his seen as a success). Plus, given the fairly decent fan response to the film, it would seem this could be billed as a success.

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However, it’s difficult to ignore all the behind-the-scenes drama — drama that resulted in the budget ballooning to $300 million. Coupled with the $150 million or so needed to market the film, it’ll likely need to cross $700 million just to break even (if the estimations are correct), which is a tall order for this film.

As of right now, this superhero team-up is the lowest performing one yet in the DCEU. At this time in its run, Wonder Woman made a decent $285 million in North America. Of course, the big difference here is the overwhelmingly positive response that film had compared to Justice League.

We’ll be keeping an eye on the performance of Justice League in the coming weeks. While the film has its flaws, we do think it’s one that, at the very least, deserves to make its money back at the box office. This next weekend will be an important one for the film, as it will be the last one before the release of the sure-to-be hit Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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SOURCE: Variety

  • Kindofabigdeal

    At t his point I’m tired of the backset drama being regurgitated every time someone talks about JL. It really wasn’t that bad of a movie. Sure WB rushed their franchised and traded in quality for early returns, and they will pay for that. (hopefully)
    But JL was an entertaining movie and shouldn’t be shat on like it has.

    • Tonk99

      I really enjoyed it both times I saw it. Only gripe: should have been longer.

    • FeixPunk

      That was one of the most poorly written and directed films. I’m not coming out this in a comic book point of view I’m coming at this at a film point of view. I mean think how ridiculous it was when Gordon couldn’t figure out where the people were being taken and then Batman and Cyborg figure out where they’re being taken and how they’re getting there and then they agree to go to the island and then as soon as they load up on the vehicle get to the island and get out of it Batman then asks hey where are we. I think so many people wanted to like it, kind of like we did as kids with episode 1. Like thinking to ourselves could it really be that bad? like I said I’m not coming at this in any directions other than as a film.

  • Victor Roa

    rumor is it’s loosing even more money now that Coco is a hit, and when the full holidays rolls around more people will go back to coco and not Justice League….. at some point I want to imagine we are living an arrested development episode.

    • Rez

      Also with SW The Last Jedi coming out on the 15th….WB should have took there time and pushed the movie back til early next year but then you have Avengers…..it will probably break even…maybe.

      • Victor Roa

        The Wrap article shows that they did this for the bonuses from the AT&T merger which never happened.

  • King5twenty

    Very underrated movie with articles painting a negative narrative bafore and after it came out.

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