– by Seth McDonald

While the film isn’t breaking any records here in the states, Justice League has broken the national box office record in China, taking in $52 million. DC once again produced a film with a lot of flash and visuals, but one that many feel falls into a common DC trap, bad narrative.

The film is also thought to be heading for an overall loss of anywhere from $50-100 million dollars. Yikes. You can read more about that here. According to Box Office Mojo, the film has taken in just over $300 million worldwide, with about 60 percent of that coming from the foreign side.

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Justice League’s budget has been estimated at about $300 million, though that figure is not official. With possibly another $150 million going toward promotion and advertising, it is going to be tough for Justice League to turn a profit. So what does the poor box office performance mean for the future of DC? Well, you can read more about that here.

Well folks, it is since it is the holidays, I am heading out for another theater trip, and going to do my part to make Justice League a success!

Will Justice League end up being a loss for DC and Warner Bros? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: Los Angeles TimesBoxOfficeMojo

  • bickle2

    So a souless movie with nigh zero structure, character development, or substance, that’s essentially 2 hours of action sequences is doing well in China? Color me not surprised in the slightest. The market that kept transformers way in the Black will likely continue for decades to fuel these things.

    I like Jackie Chan movies too. But they have more soul and substance than justice league simply in the quality of choreography

    • Peter James

      Cool story, bro.

    • Jonathan Robitaille


  • Tonk99

    You may wanna re-think your maths. The non-US take is closer to 60%.

  • jonathing

    china market is important they got more prison breaks made

  • Jonathan Robitaille

    the first five DC movies (starting with MOS) outgrossed the first five Marvel movies (starting with Iron Man) easily at the worldwide box office. You wouldn’t know that because Disney controls the narrative, the reviews and has bots spewing negativity all over the internet.

    • Monkey_Kebab

      This is such a pathetic narrative that’s being pushed by DC fans. While the ‘first five’ DC movies starting with MOS have taken in $254M more in worldwide box office, you fail to mention that the first five Marvel movies were made for $299M less… effectively negating any perception of a profitability edge for DC for now (understanding that Justice League hasn’t completed it’s box office run). BTW… these are straight-up numbers that haven’t been adjusted for inflation, which would obviously provide a further edge in Marvel’s favor (or would that be further evidence of Disney’s iron grip on the narrative?).

      I also like how the DC faithful always start the count with MOS… never with the first DC turd to hit the bowl, as if WB didn’t pay a dime for Green Lantern… or release it with every intent that it was to be the start of their cinematic universe.

      If we count the first six DC movies against the first sic Marvel the numbers change a smidge… suddenly Marvel has a $741M lead in profitability to go with their $300M savings in production budget. Of course we all know that’s just another example of Disney goons twisting the story with facts and reality.

      Honestly, the numbers don’t even matter… it’s not like you or I get a cut… and box office numbers don’t mean a movie is good or bad. Iron Man 3 earned $1.3B, and I think it’s a shitty movie… but what you won’t find me doing is trying to justify the value of Marvel’s efforts based off ticket sales (let them do that… their the ones in the business of making profits). I also won’t denigrate DC’s efforts based of their box office performances… I criticize them for the overall shitty quality of their movies (with exceptions for MOS and WW, which I think are good… but not great).

      I’d love to see a strong DC cinematic universe, but it doesn’t seem to be happening. I can’t speak much to Justice league because I haven’t seen it… nor will I until it hits home video. The trailers looked like trash to me, and I’ve been burned too many times to reward DC at the box office for the foreseeable future. But hey, that’s just me… I still watch what they’re doing, and hope they can get their shit figured out… I’m just not confident that they will.

      • Jonathan Robitaille

        triggered. You sound like a Disney shill. Congrats. BTW I’m a Marvel fanboy too. Just not an apologist and D.C. hater. And the Universes (both D.C. and Marvel) were reborn with those two respective movies genius. That’s why I started with them. Did I hurt your feelings because of facts?

        • Monkey_Kebab

          What ‘facts’ did you bring? You didn’t address the fact that your bullshit statement about DC’s ‘first five films’ revenue is a pathetic twisting of information.

          Even when excluding in the ‘Green Scrotum’ movie that dipshits like you choose to ignore, a realistic analysis of the data clearly shows you’re desperately attempting to make excuses for DC and justify the shit their producing.

          When challenged you resort to defending yourself like a 12 year old girl by projecting your insecurities onto me, operating under the assumption you hold enough value as a person that you could somehow ‘trigger’ me (or anyone else). Take it from me buttercup… you don’t. I simply wanted to shine a light on your low-watt attempt to defend the ‘honor’ of DC movies.

          So there you are… sitting in the corner, wrapped in your blanky, rocking back and forth while muttering about those evil Disney agents out to get you and your precious DC movies. You must be a Fox News fan… because you wouldn’t know reality if it bit you in your bulbous ass.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            $481 million worldwide in 10 days. If it stays in theaters through the xmas holiday it’ll be just fine. Cue Disney shills and Marvel fanboys getting their panties in a twist. lmao at the mental gymnastics necessary to poo poo box office number FACTS

          • Monkey_Kebab

            That doesn’t address the inaccuracy of your original statement at the time it was made… FACT! It also doesn’t address the points I made in my response, which you appear to be too scared to talk about… FACT! Look at you still pumping your fantasy of a Disney conspiracy… FACT!

            Cue the DC apologist pathetically trying to rewrite the narrative in a desperate attempt to deflect the focus away from his steaming pile of bullshit… DOUCHE!!!

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            both franchises (or Universes) were rebooted. Marvel started at Iron Man, and D.C. started at Man of Steel. If you are arguing against this FACT you sir are a moron. So congrats on that. And the FACT is, since both franchises were rebooted, D.C. has outgrossed Marvel through the first five movies. Again FACT. Sorry you are such a Disney shill you can’t admit your precious is behind D.C.

            The real funny thing is, D.C. has no chance at beating Marvel at the box office from movie 6 on. That’s obvious. But that’s not what we’ve been talking about. You can’t change facts no matter how much of an apologist you are.

          • Monkey_Kebab

            Yes… DC ‘rebooted’ their universe after ONE movie, the glorious Green Lantern, so it’s important to ignore the fact that it ever existed… especially when you’re so desperately trying to make excuses for the overall sub-par quality of their efforts. You want to see an apologist, try looking in a mirror.

            I’ve never made excuses for Marvel films that I thought were sub-par, nor have I expressed any wish for DC films to perform badly at the box office. In fact, in my first response to your retarded rambling I stated that my hope was they would get their shit together and make better movies. I choose not to see their films in the theater right now because they’ve presented one piece of dog shit after another… and in your oxygen deprived mind that means I’m a Disney shill… a Marvel fanboy… a… what would a 12 year old girl call it… oh yeah… a hater!

            I don’t personally CARE if DC or Marvel makes more money at the box office… what I do care about is that DC start making movies that don’t SUCK.

            I called out the ignorance of your post because… because… well, because it was just such a STUPID FUCKING ARGUMENT TO MAKE in your desperate attempt to defend DC.

            Jesus… your level of stupidity is truly baffling. How it is that you don’t fall over dead because your simply too dumb to remember to breathe has got to be one of the great mysteries of life.

          • Jonathan Robitaille

            never go full retard. You are obviously being intentionally obtuse. Yes, DC’s rebooted Universe started at MOS. Just like Green Lantern don’t count for DC and all other movies before that..the first several awful poorly performing Marvel movies don’t count that came before Iron Man. You truly are an ignorant fanboy. Congrats?

  • King5twenty

    This is the most enderrated film in ages. The negative narrative was set in this film far before it wad released and may people missed out on the best time they would have at the theatres in years. I’m watching it again

  • Daniel