LAFF 2014: Red Carpet Interviews with Cast of ‘Lake Los Angeles’

– by Gig Patta

One of the most beautifully shot films at the Los Angeles Film Festival will have to be Mike Ott’s “Lake Los Angeles.”

Ott returns to the film festival circuit after “Littlerock” and “Pearblossom Hwy” to complete his highly visual trilogy.

In this film, it portrays a couple of immigrants in the lonesome part of the United States in pursuit of the American dream. It follows two separate immigrants in the Lake Los Angeles area. One is the middle-aged Cuban exile who works at a holding house for illegal immigrants from Mexcio. And the other is a young ten-year-old Mexican girl who crossed the border without her family. They both cross path and realize the reality of the American dream.

Latino-Review caught up with the cast and director at the red carpet event over the weekend for the world premiere of the film. We talked with Roberto Sanchez, Johanna Trujillo, Eloy Mendez and director Ott.

“Lake Los Angeles” has one more showing at the Los Angeles Film Festival at 4:30 p.m. on this Thursday.

Watch the full red carpet interviews below. Please excuse the lighting.

Special note: Apologies to actress Johanna Trujillo for this interview as certain unknown persons kept walking into the camera. Thanks for Ms. Trujillo for keeping her composure during the interview. Thanks for letting us be your first red carpet interview.


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