Last Minute Holiday Blu-Ray Gift Guide

– by Gig Patta

Tick tock. Tick tock.

Only one week left before Christmas.

Now it’s crunch time to get those holiday gifts and stocking stuffers on a short notice. And these Blu-rays will make fine gifts for any film aficionado.

Since it is the last minute gift ideas—we’re keeping this list to something simple and not those expensive collector’s edition or boxed sets. However, we do want the best Blu-rays that features the movie, downloadable and the best extra features out there.

So check out the following recommendations.

For the action movie lovers:


Gozilla fans can rejoice with the mega monster taking on creatures in the middle of San Francisco. Sure there’s a human story to it, but Godzilla should be the focus. Nonetheless the fight scene is impressive and far better than the forgettable one starring Matthew Broderick. The extra features have a few 1950s government propaganda videos explaining some background into M.U.T.O. and Godzilla himself.

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

This is one of the best performances by Andy Serkis. Now only if he could be nominated for best actor for any award. This sequel follows Caesar into the near future in which the human population is nearly wiped out. The CGI of the apes are so lifelike that you’ll forget they’re digitally enhanced humans. The extra features present plenty of behind-the-scenes, deleted scenes and commentaries by director Matt Reeves.

For the comedy lovers:

22 Jump Street

Can it get any better than “21 Jump Street?” It’s a definite yes. The movie makes fun of the first one, themselves and even an awesome end credit scene of more movies to come (sort of). The special features have several deleted and extended scenes. And there are commentaries from directors Phil Lord, Chris Miller and actors Jonah Hill and Channing Tatum.

For the comic book movie lovers:

Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel has set the bar on comic book movies pretty high with this one. It’s the closest thing to a space opera like Star Wars with action and humor. It was all done with mainly comic book characters unheard of by the non-comic book community. The extra features have plenty of deleted scenes and gag reels that make it even more delightful. And there’s also some commentary by director James Gunn.

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Bryan Singer’s return to the helm is not a disappointment with the sequel in the reboot of the franchise he started. The X-Men travels back in time to change the future as the two worlds collide. There are several different editions for the film with some special features about the characters and the Sentinels. Another edition may be released next year with deleted scenes if you can wait.

For the Kids:

LEGO Movie

Everything is awesome about this movie. The movie has impressive animation, unique storyline, clever dialogue and the main character voiced by the “It” actor right now with Chris Pratt. Children and adults will enjoy multiple viewings of this animated movie. The special features look at on how they brought the LEGOs to life, outtakes, director/star commentaries and a sing-along. Yes, a sing-along.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

Hiccup and Toothless reunites in another adventure to explore a new mysterious Dragon Rider and a population of dragons. The sequel is as good as its predecessor with the animation and storyline. Extra features may include Dawn of the Dragon Racers short about the flying crew playing the game with sheep. There’s also some deleted scenes, animation process and commentary by the actors.

For the horror fans:

The ABCs of Death 2

Horror films have a rough 2014 year without any major film being a standout. So rather than featuring a specific film, the best horror Blu-ray this year may be the anthology collection by multiple directors. Some of them good. Some of them bad. And some in between. The special features have some behind the scenes, deleted scenes and a lot of filmmaker commentary.

And finally the gift that replaces the drum set:

Frozen Sing Along

Don’t like your in-laws? This is the best gift for their children without having to buy a drum set. The kids will love, love, love it. And the parents will be driven into madness. But, they’ll have to learn on how to let it go. Too bad it’s only available on DVD and it will surely be worn out from multiple viewings and singings.

Anything else we missed? Sound off below.

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