– by Michael Connally

Who knew Albert Einstein was such a player?

Out of all the shows from last season this was the one that I was pulling for the most.  The reason is that if Legend’s is successful then that could open the door for more DC TV shows down the road focused on lesser-known heroes.   Thankfully the fans stuck with the show to grant it a second season.

 Legends of Tomorrow is the third show created out of the Arrow Universe that combined some of the more popular sidekicks of the show and teamed them together to time travel to save history.  While season one had its up and downs the majority of fans agree that the end of the season was the strongest.  The season finale of Legends ended with the Justice Society of America warning the Legends of eminent danger.

At the beginning of the show we are introduced to new character Nate Heywood who is a Time Historian that makes the discovery of the Legends appearing throughout time.  To confirm his theory of the Legends he needs the help of Oliver Queen who he has figured out that he is the Green Arrow.  After Nate has exhausted all options he presents his evidence to Oliver in hopes he will help.  The key piece of evidence that Nate presents to Oliver is a UFO crash sighting in New York around 1942. 

After Oliver and Nate discover the ship at the bottom of the Hudson River with the only survivor being Mick we find out the story of how the ship and team ended.  The premise of the story is that the Nazi’s with the help of Damien Darhk end up with the atom bomb and detonate it in New York City.  Prolonging World War II and extra 2 years and 12 million deaths.  The team decided against the advice of the Justice Society of America to go and try to save New York City and the War.  This premise has been used many times before in a wide variety.  For a season premiere this was a sufficient plot but not for a long multi-episode storyline. 

                                                               You Talking To Me?

                                                               You Talking To Me?

The strength of this episode landed on Mick.  His interaction with Oliver and Nate to his comedic relief working with the Legends is what provided this episode the ability to flow well.  Dominic Purcell and the writers have done an amazing job evolving Mick’s character especially now that Leonard Snart is no longer a part of the team.  My favorite part of the episode was Professor Stein and Mick’s interaction with Albert Einstein discovering that Einstein was more interested in women than science. 

Sarah and Rip’s storyline was a little weak this episode.  The problem with Rip’s storyline is that we just saw Rip sacrifice himself once to save the world and the whole sad goodbye to the team and just one episode later we got the same exact storyline.  It would have been better off if Rip was lost in time and the end of last season with the team’s new mission was to find Rip.  Sarah’s storyline suffered the same problems as Rip’s where the effects from the season finale really didn’t transition well with the Season Premiere.  Sarah secretly tracking Damien Darhk hopefully trying to save Laurel’s life was a misstep since we just went through the same premise on The Flash with Barry and Cisco.  Also it didn’t make sense that Sarah would go head to head with Damien knowing that he was from the League of Assassin’s and was equal to Rahs Al Guhl.   

While Damien Darhk is not my favorite villain from the Arrow Universe, I do like the concept of using the big villains from Arrow and Flash on this show. This allows the writers to focus on the bigger storylines instead on having to waste 15-20 minutes going over a villain’s origin story or motivation.  The surprise at the end of the show was discovering that Reverse Flash was the time traveler made sense and was brilliant.  Taking the most popular villain from the Arrow universe and giving him a bigger role makes absolute sense. 

After watching all of the DC TV shows now this is the show that I am the most excited for.  While the main storyline wasn’t the most original it was suffice for the kickoff for the season.  With Reverse Flash now in the mix I can only imagine what the big 4-part crossover will entail. If you can’t get excited for The Justice Society of America, Reverse Flash, time travel, and action then this is not the show for you.

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