Mark Wahlberg Hints At 'Entourage' Movie Sequel

– by L-R

Those of you that follow Entourage creator Doug Ellin on instagram know that he recently showed a cut of the movie to producer Mark Wahlberg.

What did Mark think?

While promoting Transformers: Age Of Extinction in Hong Kong he told Access Hollywood the following...

‘Entourage,’ I just saw the movie. It's fantastic. The stakes are so big. You’re rooting for these guys to succeed. There’s so much humor and heart in it and [director] Doug [Ellin] just did an amazing job. I don’t think we’re going to be able to wait a year to release the movie. We’re going to show the studio sooner, rather than later, he explained. If it makes most sense to wait until June, we’ll wait until June.

Here is the kicker, Wahlberg said there may be a sequel!

I told Doug, ‘Let’s not wait for the movie to come out to start planning the next one because this is definitely going to be a big success,’” he said. “If I have anything to do with it there will be."

BOOM! I can't wait. Entourage is one of my top 3 most highly anticipated movies of next year. Yes I'm a bigger bro from Queens than I am a fanboy.

SOURCE: Access Hollywood

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