Hot Rumor: Martin Freeman Connects 'Avengers: Age of Ultron' and 'Captain America: Civil War'

– by L-R

We've got word from a new inside source on another possible identity for Martin Freeman's character in Captain America: Civil War. Previously we reported that Martin Freeman would be playing some sort of "Interrogator" that would appear both in Civil War and 2018's solo Black Panther movie. Now, we a have a more detailed picture of what that role might be.

The hot rumor that we've been hearing (this is unconfirmed because NO ONE wants to confirm this at the moment) is that Martin Freeman is playing a character named  Edward Chase, the Prime Minister of England in the MCU. Whatever mission goes south for Captain America's Avengers at the beginning of the movie will involve a number of British soldiers, so Chase (Freeman) will be responsible for upping the pressure on the government side, even though it is an international government body. Chase will be arguing for a better world-wide plan to keep The Avengers in check.

Turns out Freeman's Prime Minister might have gotten a name drop in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Right before Ultron interrupts Klaw (Andy Serkis), Klaw threatens to send some missiles up someones ass, then says:

"Now, Minister, where were we?"

Turns out that Freeman's Chase might have been on the other end of that phone call trying to collect Vibranium to make weapons that the English can use to combat the increasing number of people with superpowers throughout the world. 

The Age of Ultron phone discussion, or the fact that Chase knows of Klaw will come up later in the film in a conversation between Chase and Baron Zemo, the not-Crossbones, not-Tony Stark villain of Civil War. This new information seems to put Martin Freeman squarely in the villain category for the third Captain America, which would be a departure for the actor best known as Bilbo Baggins in the lesser Peter Jackson JRR Tolkien trilogy, Watson on the BBC's Sherlock and Tim on the original British version of The Office.

The connection between Martin's Prime Minister and Klaw in Avengers: Age of Ultron could be a potential cameo for Andy Serkis, either in flashback or in the process of becoming Black Panther villain Klaw now that his hand has been chopped off. Although with so many Avengers and now a third villain to contend with, Captain America is still in danger of being crowded out of his own movie.

The British Prime Minister is an interesting part to cast Martin Freeman as, considering previous MCU political figure, President Ellis (William Sadler) hasn't been seen since Iron Man 3 and isn't in Civil War as far as we know.

Again this has yet to be confirmed, so stay tuned.

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