Martin Lawrence Says There Will Be A 'Bad Boys 3'

– by L-R

I don't believe this for a second.

1) This is something being developed because Michael Bay is super profitable right now, so all past Michael Bay projects are getting dusted off.

2) Will Smith stopped making good movies in 2008

3) Movies announced on Late Night are spin, movies get announced through contracts and press releases. This is just Martin Lawrence pimping himself...again.

But let's pretend for a moment that Martin Lawrence - a man who may refuse to walk on grass or dirt - is telling us the truth or at least what he considers the truth. On Conan O'Brian's show last night, Lawrence said Bad Boys 3 is happening. 

Here's his appearance on Conan to promote his show Partners:

"I believe so yes, I just talked to Jerry Bruckheimer...yesterday. They're working on a script...They're getting close to this. It all looks good.” <------ That's the quote when Conan asks about Bad Boys 3.

Is it looking good, though? Really?

What do you think, am I being a pessimist? Don't get me wrong, I'll watch the sh*t out of this movie if it happens. Bad Boys II is great.


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