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It’s the deal that’s been the talk of Tinsel Town for the past few weeks. Will Disney actually close a deal with 21st Century Fox to procure most of their assets? That has been a question that has increasingly leaned towards the answer “yes” as time has gone by.

While this would be another big get for Disney — who already owns most of the tentpole release dates throughout each year — one aspect fans are especially eager about are the prospects of seeing the X-Men return to Marvel Studios. After decades of being optioned out to Fox, they’ll be back home, and could therefore be incorporated into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as seen fit.

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However, as excited as we are, it sounds like Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige is even more excited, if we’re to take the word of a new report from Deadline. Here’s what they had to say:

“Marvel’s Kevin Feige has an almost unblemished track record for success in superhero movies at Disney, and he lent his magic to resuscitating Spider-Man in partnership with Sony. He’s said to be eager to get his hands on the X-Men universe — Fox has Deadpool 2, New Mutants, Dark Phoenix, Gambit, X-Force and the James Franco-starrer Multiple Man all on the assembly line — and cross-pollinate the rich swarm of characters with the existing Marvel franchise heroes who show up in each other’s films.”

Of course, we hope that if this deal does go through, that Disney treads carefully. Personally, I’d love to see Fox continue to innovate with some of their other characters like Deadpool and The New Mutants. Those film franchises are off on an interesting trajectory that I’d love to see come to fruition. Plus with Dark Phoenix, I’m hoping they at least let things go through with however Fox had originally planned before incorporating them into the MCU narrative.

But as far as the Fantastic Four goes? Go nuts, Kevin Feige. Go nuts.

Are you excited to see what Disney could do with Fox’s Marvel characters? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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SOURCE: Deadline

  • Ryan Johnson

    I’m betting Dark Phoenix never gets released, whole thing gets rebooted in the Marvel U except for Deadpool.

    • 2 Left Thumbs

      That’s what I’ve been saying too!
      But I wonder if it’s just wishful thinking?

      It would be a big loss to not release what was likely a $150M budget movie, but it has only barely started marketing. So they aren’t *all in* yet. And that feels like a drop in the bucket for a $60+ Billion deal, and trying to keep some future goodwill for the X-Men as a franchise (I have almost no faith in this new movie).

      Cancel Dark Phoenix. Give the X-Men some breathing room so that the MCU can rebuild them. And free up that storyline to be used by Marvel down the line! If Fox messes it up twice, Marvel won’t be able to touch it for decades!

      • Ryan Johnson

        Yeah, I would guess that Marvel wants to get X-Men up and running as soon as possible, and that would mean a clean break from Fox X-men, especially if they think DP is going to poison the well. They’ll probably also start using Dr Doom and Silver Surfer right away.

        • DerekNola

          they can just realease xmen dark phoenix internationally.. yes people can watch it online but the film will leak anyways…. and then start a new

          • 2 Left Thumbs

            It would be pretty cool/hilarious to have a $100+ Million budget movie go straight to DVD hahah

      • M@rvel

        While they’re at it, why don’t they scrap the New Mutants film as well lol. That looks like total trash

    • Kindofabigdeal

      Then Deadpool can say that he’s experience a Mandela Effect.

  • Kindofabigdeal

    I read that Fantastic Four is still owned by Constantin. So if the deal goes through they still might not have it.

  • Kronx

    If Marvel does get the X-men back, I wouldn’t expect them to can any films in production. But projects like X-Force, Gambit and Multiple Man might be shelved.

    Who knows what it would mean for Legion or The Gifted either?

    Honestly, Deadpool is the only one I really care about, and I’m afraid they might want to shred Deadpool 2 into a PG-13 film or mandate that future projects be PG-13. But I think it would be better to do the opposite and reboot the X-men as an R-rated franchise, starting with an R-rated X-23 film set in the MCU.

    • Moby85

      Love the X-23 R-rated film idea!

  • David E

    If Marvel gets Fantastic Four back, they need to NOT do their origin story. It never goes well. I think a better idea is to do Dr. Doom’s story as a lead in to the FF. Doom could be amazing if given the back story he deserves and a great actor playing him.

    • Smerdyakov

      I think infinity war needs Doom, the Surfer and Sub-Mariner more than the FF.

  • Moby85

    Worried about Disney PG-13-ifying Deadpool. Through FOX that franchise is allowed to do quite literally whatever it wants but Disney remains reticent to release R-rated superhero content.

  • Smerdyakov

    I would think they’d let Dark Phoenix go forward and then reboot the franchise with better actors for the kids and replacements for the actors like Fassbinder and Lawrence who’ve been overused.

  • Victor Roa

    with recent allegations, I would be nervous about saying the word “Eager” on a franchise known for teenagers with super powers.
    Joking aside, there’s like what? 8 projects on there, including Legion and Gifted series. That’s a massive crew and sticking your nose in there could ruin everything. To be honest, it’d be good if they all worked together and just collaborated better, because we are all kinda baffled as to why Deadpool isn’t with the other XMen films.

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