Marvelous Da7e #52: First Look At Baxter Building, Rosario Daredevil

– by L-R

Welcome to Issue 52 of The Marvelous Da7e!

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This week: Fillion Watch was always Gunn watch on Guardians of the Galaxy. First look at Fox's new Baxter Building and WHO IS ROSARIO DAWSON PLAYING IN DAREDEVIL? We don't know, but we want to guess real bad.


Hi James Gunn!

I just wanted to take a moment here and thank you for being so active on FacebookTwitter and the internets, from talking about things you’re doing over the weekend to posting awesome fan art for Guardians of the Galaxy. Sometimes directors get too deep into a movie. When Spike Lee was making Oldboy, he didn’t even pay his poster designers, and we have another Disney super-property over in London claiming Han Solo’s leg was broken on the Millennium Falcon, not because it’s true, but because they can’t give details on the story, because they’re scared of spoilers.

Being scared of spoilers and “the internet,” especially people like me - a guy who is NOT in London and has NO interaction with people in Marvel Production - is being scared of fandom. I think you, James Gunn, might understand what people do when something they love comes along. Also, and it doesn’t matter, but it really helps, you’re a bit troll proof. I've noticed.

You see, in March 2006, I bought a DVD from a television actress I had a crush on. She played this shy receptionist named “Pam” on The Office (America) and at the time you two were a couple (and I would eventually start dating someone that looked like...nevermind).

That was my introduction to the world of James Gunn, a world I've bummed around in since, and why I’m constantly curious about what you’re doing, even when it doesn’t involve Marvel. What you did with Scooby-Doo? That’s my dream job (I know it sounds crazy, but it is). I think the only projects you’ve been involved in that I haven’t seen are The Specials and that video game you did after PG Porn.

Point being, in a world where I had no idea who Nathan Fillion was playing in Guardians of the Galaxy, the best thing I or any fans can hope for is a dialogue with a director who has no interest in “Khan-ing” us.

I say Nova, you said no. Schmoes said Cosmo the talking dog, you said:

Roger that, good buddy, we’ll try to do better. But, thanks for talking with your fans. You and Jurassic World have PR coverage within large franchises that is actually interacting with the people who will see your movie multiple times. It’s worth 1,000 snarky post-it-note tweets.

Like what you teased about your world-building in BadAssDigest’s BIRTH.MOVIES.DEATH:

"Our characters, to some degree, have super powers, but at the same time they’re just ordinary citizens of the galaxy...They just happen to be renegades - they’re basically bikers. They’re just these ordinary citizens who get caught up in this thing - because they want money in the beginning - that has completely cosmic overtones. There are characters like Thanos involved, and then there are characters bigger than that. Suddenly these mortals are playing in the fields of gods. I always find that a very interesting thing."

That’s good talking about movies to Cosmic Marvel Fans AND people who love your Spirit In The Sky infused trailers.


Meanwhile, Josh Trank, director of the new Fantastic Four reboot (hey Fox, sorry about skipping you last week!) shut down a few blocks of Baton Rouge, Louisiana to make it stand in for good old New York City, where the Fantastic Four have their Baxter Building, their Avengers Tower landmark (though it pre-dates Avengers Tower by years... why have the movies skipped the Avengers mansion?).

FF was shutting down sections of Third and Convention street over the weekend. For those of you in the area or interested in the production process, Fox has been closing down public places under the name “Henry Street.” If you see “Henry Street,” let us know what’s happening, ok?

Friend of the site H.E.R.B.I.E the Robot parked themselves near the set last weekend and it was immediately obvious to them why this corner of this street in Baton Rouge was picked.

Here are the shots they got:

Catch that? It’s hard to see, but production has turned a Louisiana State Office into The Baxter Building by changing the plaque over the door to read “Baxter Institute.”


Our eagle-eyed spy robot (though H.E.R.B.I.E. probably wouldn’t define itself as a drone per se) managed to see a scene where Miles Teller (who will play Mr. Fantastic) was pulling a shopping cart filled with electronics into the building.

Plus that sign looks a bit old. Maybe we’re looking at some resurgence of a legacy? It’s really early to be guessing on Fantastic Four and Team Trank is already on a Disney/Star Wars level with the pithy nothings that have leaked out from the set so far.

But it’s Fantastic Four and it’s going to be big. Even Tim Story, the guy who directed the first two Fantastic Four movies, admits that the superhero blockbuster climate is ready for a balls-to-the-wall FF.

I mean, I wish they were meeting the X-Men, but I get it. If both Fox’s Marvel franchises allow themselves to be weird, that’s what they’re going to have over the Marvel Studios and blue-grey-tinted DC/WB movies.  



I really, really hope Rosario Dawson wasn’t just cast as Elektra in the Daredevil Netflix series. As a matter of fact, I hope Netflix’s Daredevil is focused on grounding the Netflix corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in street-level crime.

While the MCU’s Phase films march towards our cosmic comeuppance promised at the end of The Avengers, it’d be nice to keep Iron Fist, Luke Cage and Jessica Jones weaving in and out of the various crime families in New York.

Then, we can spend time with the Kingpin in a way where we’re both rooting for and against him in his dance with Matt Murdock. Plus, I’ve said before that Daredevil needs to re-define itself outside of the Frank Miller “classic” run. It’s a great mood for the comics, but Daredevil’s been done well with Kevin Smith, Brian Michael Bendis and Mark Waid as well. Waid’s Daredevil even seemed happy-go-lucky, which would play better for our Netflix Murdock, Charlie Cox.

If I’m going to binge this, and I am, I’d really, really like a Daredevil that’s not sad all the time. I get that part of his character is fighting back against impossible odds, but being the Man Without Fear doesn’t mean he’s just a red-suited brooding Batman-like dude.

Anyway, I hope we don’t get The Hand or Elecktra or any of that.

Bullseye, Kingpin the Maggia, Ox, The Enforcers - Bring it. This is the first property in a long time I’m asking very plainly: NO NINJAS PLEASE.

While I was Star-Warring and Nova-bombing last week, official word broke that Dawson was cast as a character “a dedicated young woman whose quest to heal the wounds of Hell’s Kitchen brings Matt Murdock unexpectedly crashing into her life, while her own journey forever alters the course of his battle against the injustices of this broken city.”

Let’s assume they’re not trying Electra. Begin the rampant speculation!


Mary Walker - Multiple personalities, Typhoid Mary. Sure, I can see Dawson biting into that role. Typhoid Mary, because of the split personality thing, could be mashed with another character.


Maya/Echo - A deaf assassin that dates Matt Murdock and also tries to kill him as her assassin self. At least Maya is a woman of Latina/Native American ancestry, so we’re getting closer in this whole “love interest/injustice battling”


Milla - UGH. Milla. Milla is Matt Murdock’s once-wife. She’s also blind. She’s also poorly written and horrible. Brian Michael Bendis didn’t manage to make us care about Milla during his run, so it seemed weird that Daredevil would.

Karen Page - Matt and Foggy’s receptionist. Putting Rosario Dawson here would be a waste, I think. Karen should be an important character that probably dies at the end of the first season. What? All Matt Murdock’s girlfriends are doomed. Get used to it.


Misty Knight - Misty Knight is a NYPD Cop with a bionic arm. She also pops up in Luke Cage and Iron Fist stories, which is why I like the idea of Rosario Dawson taking on that.


White Tiger - NO. No magic. Stop it. I’d love a Latina superhero, but stop it.


Night Nurse - One of the hanging chads (old joke!) of the Bendis run (older run!), Night Nurse is a nurse that helps the superheroes and super-villains with their healing. She was a plot device that allowed Daredevil and company to beat the ever-loving poop out of each other every issue and still bounce back the next month without a limp. I’m not saying Night Nurse is a bad idea, it’s just...well, it’s deconstructionist in a not good way. We shouldn’t ever be thinking about the realities of the healing factor of villain X or hero Y, that’s breaking our suspension of disbelief on purpose.

I vote Misty Knight.

Misty Knight with one of those bionic limbs they gave Deathlok on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. I want Rosario Dawson to be the Agent Coulson of the Netflix series, bopping in and out of the three series, kicking-ass, taking names and - HELL, WHY NOT - let her sleep with all 4 protagonists. 


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