MARVELOUS DA7E 93: Seeing Adam Warlock and Details on Martin Freeman's Role

– by L-R

Welcome to ISSUE 93!

IF THIS IS YOUR FIRST TIME HERE: Welcome! This is my weekly column where I talk about superhero movie news, rumors and speculation.  

THIS WEEK: I'm going to start by speculating about The Vision and talking about what his future role might be in the Marvel Universe. Then I have reportable information on Martin Freeman's role in Captain America: Civil War (and another Marvel movie!). After the reportable part, right back to speculation where I speculate my way into Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman sharing a scene in Doctor Strange. STRAP IN, IT'S MARVEL SEASON.

It’s been three years, but does everyone remember that feeling? That post-Avengers movie release feeling? The feeling of being on the cusp of a new Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase chock-full of geekier geek outs than before?

It’s a world of possibilities to be whittled down over years until we see more Marvel movies. I enjoy this time period. The further we are from knowing things, the more things are possible.

Now that we can discuss Age of Ultron, I was pretty happy when The Vision got an Infinity Stone put in his forehead. The first time I saw the movie and Ultron busted open the blue scepter to reveal a yellow Stone, I felt like an idiot. I audibly said: “damn.”

As soon as Loki’s Staff was shown in the tease for Avengers: Infinity War, I started referring to it as it’s own separate Infinity Stone. Some people kept insisting it wasn’t and that it was somehow powered by the Tesseract, the actual Space Gem (Stone/Gem will be used interchangeably...I don’t apologize).

The simple solution to all of this was that the Mind Gem is actually yellow, it was just in a blue container on the staff. Now it’s in the forehead of The Vision: the most powerful being in the Marvel Universe that we know about. No one is really capable of fighting The Vision, so it’s a good thing that he’s on the side of good.

Projecting Paul Bettany’s Vision into the future is what starts putting fun ripples in the speculation game because an over-powered character with a MacGuffin in his head has many ramifications.

First of all, he has an Infinity Gem in his head and he emerges from a metal cocoon, so I was really happy to see our cinematic Adam Warlock for the first time, weren’t you?

Let that sink in, I’ll be back to it.

I don’t expect The Vision to be in Ant-Man or Ant-Man to have any cameos from other Marvel heroes. Like Guardians of the Galaxy, the movie will have connections to the greater MCU, but because it’s also a risk, it should be able to be jettisoned without too much narrative consequence. Like Thor: The Dark World.

I do expect The Vision to pop up Captain America: Civil War, but I do not expect him to pick a side. First off: He’s too powerful for a Civil War conflict. I guess you could put him on Cap’s side against a bunch of Iron Man armors, but that feels a lot like the Age of Ultron climax. Also, The Vision is connected to Stark through the Jarvis consciousness but on Captain America’s New Avengers where he should start crushing on Scarlet Witch as soon as possible, so he’s split emotionally.

Most importantly, the thing he says in Age of Ultron about being on the side of humanity reminded me that Doctor Strange sat out Civil War for similar reasons.


So swap out Vision for Strange. Boom. Then you aren’t wondering why someone worthy of lifting Mjolnir and friends to both parties doesn’t do what he does in Age of Ultron and force everyone to get along.

Then, somewhere in between the middle of Captain America: Civil War and the end of Avengers: Infinity War Part 1 The Vision has to meet Thanos. I’ve been saying for awhile that all it’s going to take to make Thanos a threat is for him to do one HUGE badass thing that he’s not supposed to do, and I now think that’s going to be how easily he dispatches The Vision to get the Mind Stone. That would take a guy who has taken 11 movies to get out of his floaty space chair and instantly make him a threat.

The fun thing about this is The Vision could get trapped in the Soul Gem. Which would both be a surprising reveal character wise, because he’s an android/synthoid, but also cool because he’d, like, prove he has a soul to Scarlet Witch.

Anyway. I guess I’m focusing on two things: you can’t embed an Infinity Stone in the forehead of a character and expect me to not think of him as Adam Warlock and the Vision’s so ridiculously over-powered it’s going to be interesting to see how he’s used down the line.

Ok, now onto Captain America: Civil War and the casting of Martin Freeman and who he is going to play.

Here are the facts I can report: Martin Freeman plays some sort of interrogator and that he will return to appear in Black Panther.

Here’s where informed speculation gets me: They’re going to use the comic book character of Everett Ross, a US Government agent assigned to Wakanda who grows to become sort of a Wakandan expert. Interrogator doesn’t necessarily mean torturer and Martin Freeman’s acting style is more Clark Gregg than Christian Bale.

I make that comparison because we’ve been leaning on Maria Hill to be our connection between Agents of SHIELD and Age of Ultron while the TV show continues to break apart what we think about as SHIELD (In a way, you have to think the Civil Warmachines - besides War Machine - are SHIELD and Stark with the Avengers on one side and The US Government on the other). If there needs to be another go-between characters rounding up whatever post Civil War Avengers we’ll need for the oncoming Thanos Threat, why would you pass off a Doctor Strange post-credits scene with Martin Freeman and Benedict Cumberbatch?

Also on my mind around Civil War is, of course, Spider-Man.

If anyone knows what Drew Goddard considers his next project to be, please let me know. I’ve heard a lot of rumors, but none of them are as loud as the one that we has going to direct the Sony solo Spider-Man MCU film. Now there’s a new shortlist for Spidey AND they say Feige and Pascal might be planning a four-film solo series to take him through high school, but no one is mentioning Goddard or connect any dots (multiple films will need multiple directors, there’s a thought).

I’m least excited about the rumors and e-mails that have anything to do with The Savage Land. But if you don’t know what I’m talking about (rumor or comics wise), best not to worry about that now.

I'm most excited about Peter Parker showing up in Civil War in a home-made costume, because it might be an easter egg to Scarlet Spider and therefore the only time I'll see my precious blue hoodied Spider-Man on screen.

Meanwhile at DC: I don’t hate the Harley Quinn costume. Most of the Suicide Squad costumes are fine. Still want to see more of the DC Universe on actual film, though.

Now if you’ll excuse me, the ENTIRE MARVEL COMICS CONTINUITY DIED TODAY. So I’m going to need a minute.

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