5 Things Happening in the World of Pro Wrestling

– by Tim Jousma

1. Cody Rhodes is set to debut for TNA at their Bound for Glory Pay Per View. It’s the second big company he’s set to work for this year as he’s already been committed to Ring of Honor for their Pay Per View in December, Final Battle. What’s interesting about the TNA gig is that due to WWE holding the legal rights to the Rhodes name in his case, he can only go by Cody. Time will tell if he’s able to show folks he’s capable of stepping up his game to become a main event talent.


2. Awesome Kong, or as she was known in WWE, Kharma, has landed a role in the new Netflix show GLOW as reported by ProWrestlingSheet.com. She’s set to play a more comedic role than what we’ve seen of her in the ring so that should be interesting to see. I’ve admired her work in the ring for years and am glad she’s getting a gig to showcase a different side of her personality.


3. The Wrestling Observer has noted that Triple H has sent out feelers to Matt Hardy about returning to the WWE when his TNA contract expires. It seems his work as Broken Matt Hardy has raised a lot of eyebrows in the industry which should make it interesting to see what happens. I’ve not been the biggest fan of the Broken character or the whole Brother Nero saga but if anything, it’s unlike anything I’ve seen in wrestling before. The WWE must have liked it because they ripped it off when The New Day faced off against The Wyatt Family at their compound.


4. Former WWE Superstar Ryan Reeves, aka Ryback, has legally changed his name to, drumroll please, Ryback Allen Reeves. As reported on ProWrestlingSheet.com, he followed all the necessary legal steps and a judged signed off recently on the name change. Similar to the late great Ultimate Warrior, the name change allows him to use the name he’s most known for to make his living. As a business move, I understand why he’d do that. Wrestling fans will pay money to see Ryback, not Ryan. As a personal move, I think it’s silly. But hey, I don’t have to live with that name.


5. WWE Clash of Champions is this Sunday on the WWE Network. Headlining the show is Seth Rollins facing off against WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens for the title. Other matches include Roman Reigns facing off against US Champion Rusev, Bayley, Sasha Banks, and Raw Women’s Champion Charlotte will face off in a Triple Threat Match, The New Day will face off against Anderson and Gallows, and much more. There’s some interesting matches there to see. The championship match should be the most intriguing since the last time Owens and Rollins faced off, Triple H interfered in the match in Owens favor. Will we see him again this Sunday? Stay tuned…

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