‘Ant-Man’ Villain Is Revealed?

– by Gig Patta

It’s simple. Which Marvel villain character would wear a military style yellow and black outfit with a tendril-looking apparatus off its back?

The answer is Yellowjacket.

JoBlo provided more information about the villain as Darren Cross, the head of Cross Technological Enterprises. The company is a competitor to Stark Industries and Oscorp.

There is some speculation on whether Cross will be wearing the Yellowjacket outfit. In the comics, Cross appears to be a reddish giant brute. It’s a possibility the Cross may take on multiple villain attributes from the Marvel Universe.

For now, there is no confirmation on the villain so it must be taken as a rumor.

According to the comics, Cross was diagnosed with a rare heart condition. He used the technology from his company to create a nucleorganic pacemaker, but it caused a certain mutation to give him superhuman abilities.

During a Q&A in CineEurope in Barcelona, Marvel President Kevin Feige revealed most of the original script from Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish is still intact. Adam McKay is only brought on board to rework certain parts of the script to create “the best version of ‘Ant-Man’ we could possibly create.”

“Ant-Man” will have a good cast with Paul Rudd, Michael Douglas, Evangeline Lilly, Patrick Wilson, Corey Stoll and Michael Pena. It will be directed by Peyton Reed.

The film is scheduled to begin production in August and to be in theaters next year on July 17.

Source: JoBlo, Badass Digest, Total Film  

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