Paul Bettany Describes ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’ as Biggest Marvel Movie Yet

– by Gig Patta

Is it bigger than the original “The Avengers?” Is it bigger than “Guardians of the Galaxy” or even “Captain America: The Winter Soldier?”

Actor Paul Bettany believes “Avengers: Age of Ultron” will be the biggest Marvel movie they have ever done.

Bettany will play The Vision in this sequel to the successful “The Avengers.”

“I’ve never been on a bigger set on my entire life than in The Avengers {Age of Ultron],” he told during a promotion of “Mortdecai.” “One [part] seemed to be the corner of a town, with helicopter cameras, and drone cameras flying about. I just haven’t seen anything that big, so it was like being a kid on a film set again.”

Bettany added that the footage alone shown at San Diego Comic-Con International was enormous. He and the Comic-Con audience was simply “gobsmacked” this past summer.

“Including Samuel Jackson – and his whole modus operandi is ‘I’ve seen everything before, I’m the most chilled out, relaxed man and I’ve seen everything…’and he was as knocked out as anyone. It’s huge,” he said on what he had seen so far.

It’s really exciting for Bettany to physically be in the movie. After all, he voiced JARVIS in all of the “Iron Man” movies and part of “The Avengers.” So if he’s excited—then we’re excited.

“Avengers: Age of Ultron” will be in theaters on May 1st.


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