'Pitch Perfect 3' Is On The Way, But At What Cost?

– by LRM

With Pitch Perfect 2 picking up where the first film left off, in terms of making truckloads of cash for Universal and firing up a cultish fan base, it should come as no surprise that a sequel is getting fast-tracked. THR is reporting that Kay Cannon, who wrote the first two films, is all ready in negotiations to come back for a third round.

Before the second film had even come out, Rebel Wilson was telling people that Pitch Perfect 3 was definitely happening- and the actress was likely excited at this prospect because of what it would mean to her bank account. See, Wilson made under $100,000 for the first film- where her character ended up being the movie's big breakout. For the sequel, she banked $2 million. For another sequel, which she's not even contracted to do at all, her's and co-star Anna Kendrick's asking prices can soar even higher.

That could be a sticking point, since one of the things that makes Pitch Perfect's success so appealing to the studio is how low the budgets have been. The last one cost only $29 million, and has currently raked in $160 million and is still in theaters. It's likely, of course, that this will get resolved in an amicable way but it'd probably be fun to be a fly on the wall during those negotiations. 

SOURCE: The Hollywood Reporter

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