– by Emmanuel Gomez

Lisa K. Weber (HEX COMIX)

Lisa K. Weber (HEX COMIX)

   A fantastic comic book series will kick off its second arc on July 20th called Hex11 published by Hex Comix. This book is scripted by Kelly Sue Milano and the Artwork is done by Lisa K. Weber. Here is a brief description of the book as stated on their website www.hexcomix.com :

HEX11 is the epic story of one young witch living in a futuristic dystopia where magic has been discovered as a new technology. When she stumbles on a firefight between a demon mercenary and a black market magic dealer, she finds herself in the center of a sinister corporate conspiracy. 

   Ellie (our heroine in this book) has gone through quite a bit in the first volume, and it looks like she will not only be fighting a visible enemy but an invisible one that seems to lurk inside of her trying to lead her down a dangerous dark path.

   Hex11 is book that can be enjoyed by teenagers and adults alike. Although you are thrown into a new world filled with magic, they do a great job at easing you in little by little and not overwhelming you with information. One of my favorite aspects of this book is their concept of magic being used as a type of tech. If you think about some of the technology we enjoy in today’s world, someone from the past may see it as magic and in Hex11 it is depicted in such a way that it looks like a type of tech. Besides that visually these books are stunning, although there is nothing wrong with reading them digitally, but to enjoy their books in print is definitely the way to go. Overall the quality of this book is very high, you can really tell how much effort has been put in panel to panel. Good enough to receive a nomination for the Dwayne McDuffie Award for Diversity.

   Issue #7 will be released July 20th via their website www.hexcomix.com or Comixology. Or if you are attending Comic Con the ladies of Hex will be present in the Small Press area table Q-07 where you can pick up a copy of the new issue as well as volume one. They will also be present at Long Beach Comic Con and Comikaze. It is also available now for Pre-Order on their website. Also on their website if you’d like to sample the book, Hex offers the first issue via digital copy for free! So take advantage and check it out!

   Meanwhile, enjoy issues #7’s cover as well as a few pages from the book.