Preview: Lifetime’s ‘The Lottery’

– by Gig Patta

Remember Alfonso Cuaron’s 2006 movie “Children of Men?”

Lifetime Channel’s “The Lottery” plays on the similar concept of the near future—women stopped having children and the human race is on a path of extinction. However, the television series will begin with a small group of scientists managing to create 100 embryos to be successfully fertilized. And a national lottery is created to decide on which women could play the surrogate mothers.

Lifetime Channel was able to let Latino-Review preview its pilot episode before its premiere date on Sunday, July 20.

Without giving major spoilers, the story mainly follows Dr. Alison Lennon (played by Marley Shelton) and her team manage fertilize eggs with sperms and Kyle (played by Michael Graziadei), a father to the last and youngest children on the planet.

Despite the successful fertilization, a government military agency is trying to shut down the program headed by Darius Hayes (played by Martin Donovan). Unbeknownst to the White House, Casey (played by Lesley-Ann Brandt) suggests a lottery system to the President in order to boost his ratings.

The first episode mainly serves as a backstory on where the rest of the season may head. The conflict may appear with some secret government agency, but a greater mysterious force may come into play. The show has a lot to work with possibly with conspiracies, protestors and the overall mystery of infertility in women.

It is a drama with some tense action sprinkled into certain scenes. In the long run scheme, there’s a lot of potential for the show. It’ll peak your interest if you like the shows on the Lifetime Channel.

“The Lottery” will premiere on Sunday night, July 20th at 10/9c on the Lifetime Channel.

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