Prison Break: The Escape Is...Off?

– by Mark Cook
Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Prison Break returned with its third episode of Season 5.  While viewers received some answers to the last couple episodes, more questions now arise due to a failed escape plan.  We did find out that Michael was indeed sent to Yemen in order to break out Abu Ramal, per orders from the US Government.  Michael also stated that it had to do with their, "twisted foreign policy." Even though we do not know exactly why the government sent him, we can assume that they want the ISIL leader under their control, and they knew Scofield would be their best option in breaking him out.  We are lead to believe that Kellerman is once again pulling the strings.  Even learning the little information we did this week, larger questions still loom:

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

Photo Courtesy of Fox.

1. Who is Poseidon? -- The two individuals who hunted down Sara and Linc have now made it clear that they work for Poseidon.  Who is Poseidon?  Is it a group?  A person?  Whoever it is, they do not want Sara dead, yet they want her to lead them to Michael.  Poseidon may very well be a company, but I think that the person leading the group is someone that viewers will know from the original series.  Alexander Mahone has taken pictures with the cast on the set, which have been seen on Twitter and Instagram.  Last time we saw him he was in a relationship with Felecia Lang.  This may explain why Poseidon doesn't want anyone killed...yet. They both used to work for the FBI, so could this be a group going against Kellerman's, much like when Scofield's father created a group to go against The Company?  Either way, I feel Kellerman and Poseidon both want Michael to break Abu Ramal out, but for different reasons.

2. Why is T-Bag still helping? -- T-Bag has never been one to rest on his laurels.  Does he feel indebted to Michael now that he has found out he was behind lending T-Bag a helping hand? (See what I did there?  Yeah, it was bad...)  Is T-Bag just curious as to wear Michael is and why he would help him?  I'm honestly not sure of the answer, but I feel that T-Bag will have a larger role than many of us think.

3.  Is Scott Ness (Sara's husband) Involved? --  I wrote in my last article how odd it was that Scott did not seem surprised that Michael was alive.  This episode, Ness showed much more concern when Sara was looking into who hacked her phone.  Why would he seem to care that she was looking into who hacked her phone, yet be unfazed by the fact Michael was alive after all these years?  One of my friends brought up another good point: Ness was shot in the leg when Poseidon entered his house.  They could have easily killed him, but they shot the leg.  Is he a part of Poseidon?  Did he marry Sara years ago in order to learn as much about Micahel as possible?

4. Why did Michael accept this mission? -- By the end of the episode it is clear that he was forced to take on this mission.  At the end of Season 4 it showed that Micahel "died" three years after the events of Scylla.  In this week's episode, it was stated that Micahel had been in Yemen for four years.  This covers the 7 year time span, but how/why was he forced into this?  I still believe it has something to do with the forms he signed during their exoneration in Season 4.

5.  Where is Sucre?? -- My wife and her friend are huge Sucre fans, so I had to throw this one in.  I am curious where he is though.  He arrived at the airport, was told he can't go to Yemen, and we haven't seen him since.  Will he merely be a cameo for the fans, or will he play a larger role?

What are your thoughts?  Are there any questions you have after watching the first three episodes?  Leave your thoughts in the usual spot, and thanks for reading!  Prison Break returns on Tuesday at 9 PM Eastern Time on Fox.

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