Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 1 Review: Here We Go!

– by Drew Carlton

Let's take a step back in memory lane, shall we?

In the last season of Game of Thrones, Cersei (Lena Headey) came out on top, when not only did she kill one of my favorite female characters on the show, Margaery Tyrell, played by Natalie Dormer, but Cersei destroyed her entire religious fanatic opposition. That green Wildfire is a b&$%h, and I have a feeling that we will see more of it.

We also later got introduced to a fiery young woman -- age 12? -- that leads the Mormonts, and convinced everyone that Jon Snow is the true king of the north. She actually is the best thing going on the show right now. She is almost as convincing as Dany in such a tiny body. Aside from recapping the entire show, this is where we are at, so let's hop into the review for the Season 7 premiere.

First, I would like to point out that this episode is all over the place, and it feels as they are trying to cram three shows into one, which with the shortened season, they might be. To go over every small detail of this show would almost be a script in and of itself. However, this is not necessarily a bad thing. We are now basically, at least in this show, seeing all of the main players. We don't simply have a Jon Snow episode, or a Tyrion episode. We are getting it all spoon-fed to us all at once and it is quite a bit to handle.

However, the show could not have started off with a bigger bang, as we had the seemingly snarky Lord of the Riverlands, Walder Frey, toasting his entire empire with every known Frey relative. He has everyone take a nice drink of wine, and clearly I think we all knew what was going on here as Frey was none other than Arya Stark, and with one simple drink, she kills everyone except one small girl. It appears Arya still has somewhat of a heart left as I believe the girl was one of Walder's many daughters. This may come back to bite her in the ass, or it could simply be a thread that they will leave hanging.

Arya is no longer "No One," but she is truly Arya Stark, and winter came for House Frey. Arya's list is getting smaller and smaller, and we all know that Cersei tops that list. I believe she will go for the executioner of her father next, whom we have not seen much of, but I believe he is still alive.

The show flashes us to the North, only for us to sadly discover that poor Wun Wun, the giant, is unfortunately a member of the walking dead. Meera Reed and Bran Stark show up at The Wall to be allowed in, presumably to fight The Night King, as the new Three-Eyed Raven. Bran, still has a huge role to play, and it has been rumored he may end up in Drogon, Dany's largest dragon. Remember, the last Three-Eyed Raven said he will never walk again, but he will fly. There have been written works, outside of the original books that have suggested this, and also misinformation on the internet. Either way, I would love to see that happen.

From there we are returned to the same hall with Sansa, Davos, Littlefinger (with his evil side looks), and Jon Snow still attempting to convince everyone to come together on the same page of thought. I think Jon can pull this off, but the brains of the operation have clearly shifted to Sansa. Unfortunately, I believe she will have to make a terrible sacrifice for this to occur. It seems the logical thing to do would be to marry Littlefinger, and later in the show she insinuates that this is her plan to Jon.

Quickly, a raven arrives, commanding Jon Snow to bow before Cersei as the undisputed queen, or die. Sansa has learned a great deal about Cersei and is not about to let this happen. Which leads us into one of the few Jaime and Cersei scenes, where she clearly is fearful of one "Mother of Dragons." Without much choice, Cersei has decided to align herself with Euron Greyjoy -- with marriage. After much back and forth between the Lannisters and Euron, who seems to know his force of power, Cersei first declines the marriage proposal, and Euron, unscathed, has promised to return to kings landing with a gift to seal the deal -- presumably the head of someone, and I fear I know who it will be. The thing that would make Cersei happiest would be one little person's head, that we all have come to love, known as one Tyrion Lannister.

We then get the Sam line of the story as he is cleaning chamber pots, and also scrubbing food bowls (which, suspiciously look to be one in the same). The scene is very graphic, and I must give credit to the prop master of the show as I nearly vomited. Sam wants to become a Maester to gain access to the restricted part of the library to figure out how to kill the White Walkers, and tries his best to convince the Grand Maester, but fails. This does not stop Sam, as he steals the keys and gives himself access. To me, this is the least interesting part of the episode. I do not particularly like the character, and I could actually see him end up being the main survivor, and the show ending with him being the writer and chronicler of "The Game of Thrones."

Back in the Winterfell, we see Brienne of Tarth attempting to teach her well endowed squire, Podrick, how to fight. Tormund walks over, with the only reason being to get near Brienne -- as he is clearly in love with her -- and some dry humor is made about his fighting style. Can we please get them in bed? I think Brienne would change completely if she even had any emotional feeling other than simply that of duty. That would play great into her character development, and would give us a further indication of how good of an actor she is.

The next scene includes Arya and a group of soldiers who abandoned their positions defending the Frey's under Jaime's command. At least I think that is who they are. She declares she is going to kill Cersei, and they all get a big laugh about it. It is very possible we may see the start of next week's show with this group slaughtered. Yes, I will laugh.

The Hound and his crew, the Brotherhood Without Banners, run into a house where a few corpses are found (that The Hound knows). Some discussion is made about the resurrection of the leader, he has The Hound look into the fire, and The Hound sees The Wall, The White Walkers, Castle Black, and it appears The Hound now believes in the Lord of the Light after his vision. This would be a huge change in this character, as he has believed in NOTHING. It would be like an agnostic discovering god, and deciding to devote his life to him. This may be my favorite story line right now. The Hound is such a conundrum, as I am not sure what his role is going to play in the future. Could it be that he will be the savior of this whole mess?

The show basically ends with the realization that Dragonstone is sitting on a mountain of Dragon Glass, a mineral that when made into a weapon can kill the White Walkers. It also shows Sam tending to the sick, and a mysterious hand sticks out asking for Dany, which of course is Jorah Mormont. Then we finally see The Mother of Dragons, Tyrion, Varys, and crew arrive at Dragonstone where Dany simply states, "Shall we begin?" obviously ready to destroy the Lannisters.

WHAT AN EPISODE! There is so much going on here, but it is clear that Dragonstone is key to this entire season, as the throne itself is made from Dragon Glass.

Predictions? Who will sit on the Iron Throne when this is all said and done? What is the present that Euron plans on bringing Cersei? What is Jorah's role? Will Sansa marry Littlefinger for the alliance? Is Jaime or The Hound redeemable, and will they both fight Cersei? Has The Hound found God? Most importantly, What will Dany do next?


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