UPDATE: Rumor Is 'Fantastic Four' "A Mess"...Far From It

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UPDATE: Update: Screenwriter/Producer Simon Kinberg alerted us and sent me an update about the story going around that Fantastic Four is "a mess" and is reshooting in Louisiana for weeks. 

Here is what Kinberg said:

To confirm - Fantastic Four will be doing 3-4 days of additional photography with director Josh Trank and some key cast members. We are very excited about the film and can't wait for you to see what we've been up to. And you will be able to do that very soon as I can confirm here that the teaser will be on Kingsman in theaters February 13.

I do recall all the negative buzz surrounding World War Z and how bad it was, but look what happened to that...It ended up being a good film. WELL at least our scoop was confirmed that the teaser trailer is indeed attached to KINGSMAN: THE SECRET SERVICE.




While X-Men: First Class director Matthew Vaughn went on record this week as having seen Josh Trank's Fantastic Four and liked it, rumors of the reboot's troubled present persist. 

Bleeding Cool reports one executive calling it "Chronicle 2, not Fantastic Four:"

One well-connected senior executive described it to me as “a mess”. And multiple sources are telling me about major disquiet at Fox regarding the state of the movie.
A year ago, I was directly told by primary sources that Fox were approaching other directors and writers to take on the project and start from scratch, though they didn’t find anyone willing. Fox denied this at the time.

We've heard reshoots are a multi-week process happening in Louisiana, but little else about the state of the film or the nature of those reshoots.

What will we be seeing when the first FF trailer is attached to Kingsman: The Secret Service Valentine's Day weekend? 

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