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Back in August of last year, Henry Cavill released a monochrome close-up shot of the Superman suit. Of course, those familiar with the comics thought this could either be a black-and-white shot or a hint at the Man of Steel actually donning the black suit when he returns.


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However, when Justice League came out a couple weeks back, there was no black Superman suit in sight. What was the deal with that? Well, it’s no secret that Justice League faced constant overhauls throughout the process, and all you need to do is look at the trailers to see just how much things were cut and added along the way.

According to a source (which was a secondhand source of the information conveyed) for YouTuber Mr. Sunday Movies, Superman did, in fact, wear a black suit while on set. Then, based on pages from the script, the source learned that not only did Superman wear a black suit, but he was under the control of the Mother Boxes, which makes sense, since they were the things that brought him back to life.

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The source continued, saying that it was only when the Mother Boxes were destroyed that Superman snapped out of it and went on to fight Steppenwolf.

Obviously, this isn’t what happens in the finished film. Instead, we get a fight scene between him and the rest of the Justice League before “Big Guns” Lois Lane comes in to smack some sense into him. He immediately mellow out, but doesn’t return until the final battle, after finding himself and chilling in a cornfield for a bit.

Of course, as with all rumors, be sure to take this with a grain of salt. Whenever dealing with rumors, it’s important to do so, and that potential disparity between real and fake info gets greater when dealing with a secondhand source here (which Mr. Sunday Movies admits to). All the same, it’s an interesting idea…but would it have made for a better movie?

What are your thoughts? Let us know down below!

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SOURCE: Mr. Sunday Movies

  • Victor Roa

    those Jesus shots in MoS and BvS into him coming back from the dead to MURDER EVERYONE WITH GLOWING RED EYES!

    • AmiRami

      Well to be fair, glowing red eyes have been a Superman staple for years and years in the comics.

      • Victor Roa

        I’m amazed you avoided everything and noticed “red eyes” than “jesus”

  • Kronx

    It could’ve worked fine. There were very early rumors that he was going to be the bad guy for JL, so it wouldn’t have been a shock.

    But since Superman still hasn’t had a solid, classic Superman film, it’s hard to imagine that tragic turn really having the impact it should have.

    Superman really isn’t that hard to understand. One JL scene got it perfect. When he flies in at the final battle and goes up to Batman, he says, “How can I help?” That is Superman in a nutshell. He didn’t try to takeover. He didn’t rush in on his own. He didn’t throw out some BS quip. He was sincere and efficient.

    Make a movie about that guy, THEN you can turn him evil and make it hurt so good.

  • M@rvel

    My feelings on Justice League aside, I think they made the right call based on this description. Was Superman originally supposed to wear the black suit for the entirety of his screen time? Cause that wouldn’t have worked for me and i’m sure a lot of other people. It wouldn’t have felt like the team truly coming together if Supes wasn’t in his iconic suit.

  • AmiRami

    Joseph, I think this article would benefit from a spoiler tag. Not everyone knows how Superman returned to life, esp considering its totally different from the comics.

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