– by Joseph Jammer Medina

Welcome back to another edition of Fantasy Fridays, where two lifelong fanboys and real-life best friends take a peak ahead at upcoming geek properties and “hire” the talent for them. Last week, we kicked this feature off with our fantasy picks for Ben Affleck’s The Batman. You can check last week’s out by clicking below:

Scully & MFR Cast THE BATMAN

This week? We set our sights on upcoming flicks that have been announced, yet don’t have directors officially attachedto them.

First up:


MFR’s Pick: Brad Bird

Bird, who comes from Pixar- which has always had a great reputation for balancing heart, humor, and spectacle- first caught my eye with The Incredibles. I loved the retro feel, the adventurous tone, and the way it had fun with superhero conventions while still having a lot of genuine emotion at its core. For a while, though, thought of him as a ‘cartoon guy,’ until I saw Mission: Impossible- Ghost Protocol, which singlehandedly revived the M:I franchise. This guy just gets it. After the dour, washed-out mess that was Zack Snyder’s first Man of Steel, we need a guy who can bring the fun, the color, and the old-fashioned heroic thrills that have made Superman a household name since the the 1930s.

My second choice, which would never EVER happen, is the legendary Steven Spielberg. If he could summon his Amblin/80s best and fuse together science fiction, action, humor, and heart, and deliver the Raiders of The Lost Ark of Superman movies, I’d be in heaven. 

Scully’s Pick: Alex Garland

“I want to say J.J. Abrams, but I’m not gonna! Why, though? He gets these kinds of movies, but he’s sort of over used and I just don’t know if Superman would be the best fit for him. So who do I think should be signed ASAP for what should be a major project? Alex Garland! If anyone has shown they can do dark, but still keep soul and stay true to a story it’s this guy. Ex Machina was fantastic and prior to that Garland wrote some awesome screenplays in the 28 Days/Weeks series, with a close working relationship with Danny Boyle. I think Garland is going to be a big deal, and WB should try to lock him up early on.

Another excellent director who can balance various emotions from a strong script would be Alfonso Cuaron. Hear me out, he did one of the better Harry Potter movies (there’s your WB connection), Gravity was a big success, and he has mentioned wanting to take on a bigger project. Why not Superman!”

MFR RETORTS: “Nope and Nope!”

Captain Marvel

Scully’s Pick: Michelle MacLaren

In a day and age where excellent TV directors are finally getting noticed (Marvel already tapped Russo Brothers), why not grab up this sensational director? Maclaren’s work on Westworld, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, NCIS, The Walking Dead etc. etc. definitely has shown she has range, and with winning multiple awards it’s time for her to step up and tackle a powerful character like Carol Danvers! DC blew it with her after they forced her to walk off of Wonder Woman over ‘creative differences.’ It’s time for her to get her chance to make a movie about a badass heroine!

My second choice would be Mimi Leder! ‘Who?’ you might be asking. Well, she was one of Steven Spielberg’s favorite go-to directors for a while, giving both The Peacemaker and Deep Impact (hugely successful blockbuster films and one of the first types of movies to be directed by a female). She made a flop with Pay it Forward and disappeared into obscurity for a while (it is a boys club after all, and one mistake…) but recently resurfaced with some strong TV credits to her name. Maybe its time to give her a shot at another big blockbuster movie that can have some Spielberg-like influence.

MFR’s Pick: Joss Whedon

Similar to Scully, I’m going to go with someone who once tried to get a Wonder Woman movie made. Only thing is, my pick already has phenomenal ties to Marvel, having directed the first two Avengers movies and creatively overseeing most of the studio’s first two Phases of movies. Whedon, with creations like Buffy The Vampire Slayer, and all of the great female characters on the TV series Firefly, has always demonstrated that he knows how to portray strong, multi-dimensional female characters. I think he’d jump at the chance to bring Captain Marvel to the big screen, and he’d know exactly how to make her fly.

No second choice for me. It’s Whedon or ‘Go Home!’


MFR’s Pick: Edgar Wright

After I wrote a piece last month suggesting Brett Ratner would be a good choice for reasons that are both logistical and practical, readers chimed in with alternate picks and two of them stood out: Edgar Wright (Hot Fuzz) and Tim Miller (Deadpool). Ultimately I went with Wright, because while I’m sure Miller has the talent to make the film visually phenomenal, I don’t know how he’d do without a script written by Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese. Wright, on the other hand, I think would be a great writer-director for the project. He was never given the chance to make the Ant-Man movie that he’d always dreamt of, but one would think that the ‘filmmaker-friendly’ Warner Bros. would allow him to make The Flash his own. 

And when you think of the way Ezra Miller has described his Flash as the lovable outcast- the ‘Ringo Star'”- of the Justice League, I think the British filmmaker would bring just the right amount of charm and wit to compliment what Miller already brings to the table.

Second choice would be the aforementioned Miller, assuming Warner Bros. can hire someone who writes a kickass script.

Scully’s Pick: Jordan Vogt-Roberts

“Who is this guy? Well, his big debut (which a lot riding on it) is Kong: Skull Island, which set to release in 2017 (filming is wrapped on that bad boy) with early footage and trailers seeming to be pretty damn awesome. He might already be signed to do one of the upcoming sequels BUT(!) ff not, I think he has the perfect balance of comedy/action in him to make Flash a witty movie, that still kicks plenty of butt!

I’ve got two runners-up for this one: Joachim Ronning and Espen Sandberg. Why them? The two are currently attached to the stalled and lingering Pirates of the Caribbean sequel. Maybe WB can convince them to come over and pull a quick turnaround on Flash, which was supposed to start filming next month!

What’d you think of our picks this week? Who’s got the better ones? Who would you hire for these movies? Chime in below in the Comments!

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