Scully & MFR's Texts From The Apocalypse: DCEU Edition

– by LRM

We all have that friend. That friend that not only matches your level of geekdom, but actually gets you to dive deeper into your fanboy ways. For me, that's Jeremy Scully, one of my very best friends for the last 13 years...and one of our resident comic book gurus here at LRM. 

Sometimes we engage in these tirades via text message that make me think, "If only people could see all this truth we're spewing!" And then that gets me thinking, "Hey! You write for LRM: For Fanboys, By Fanboys! People probably have these same kinds of rants with their friends and may get a kick out of seeing yours." So, screw it. We're gonna give this a shot.

I should say, Jeremy has no idea I'm doing this. This wasn't staged at all, and he'll be as surprised as anyone when this goes up. 

For this initial installment of what could become a recurring feature here, if you guys enjoy it (so please let us know in the comments!), we spontaneously broke into a rant about the DCEU, inspired by today's news items about Gotham City Sirens and the solo Deadshot spinoff.

*BEWARE! Salty Colorful Language Ahead!*

Here it is, totally unedited and filled with the passionate typos of two nerds typing faster than their brains could process their nerd rage. Mine are the ones in blue:

There ya go!

How'd you like our totally spontaneous nerd rage? Do you ever have talks like these with your friends? Should we make this a recurring thing, where whenever he and I go off on one of these tirades I share it with you or should this be like one-and-done? Be brutally honest. I can take it!

Also, can you believe this stuff?!?!

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