STAR WARS: 300 Days Out, 'FORCE AWAKENS' Act 1 and Act 2 Details.

– by L-R

This week, people started coming around to something that we talked about very early on in this column: how Han Solo is doomed.

Now, what we’re about to discuss is going to be the actual spoilers. Previously, I was able to make this call just knowing what it would take to lure Harrison Ford back to the role of Han Solo, one that he didn’t particularly enjoy playing the last time out. Knowing that Ford wanted Solo to die in Jedi, because the character otherwise had basically nothing to do, it would make sense that his return would be dependent of passing the torch to the new cast.

All cast members will be passing the torch as the world of Star Wars pushes forward, which is nice, because we were kind of robbed of a natural handoff between the OT and the prequels. At least this feels in continuity. Which is to say: Solo is already doomed, the other cast members are not safe over the next 5 years.

The more we learn about The Force Awakens, the more the parallels in structure between this new JJ Abrams film and the George Lucas original are beginning to become apparent. There’s gonna be an escape from the Empire that echoes the rescuing of the Princess, there’s gonna be a Jedi Master removing his hood that echoes the reveal of Obi-Wan on Tatooine, there’s gonna be a climactic space battle over one (at least one) doom-sayer weapon. And there’s going to be the death of a major character from the previous era in full sight of our heroes to motivate them, like when Vader cut Ben down in the Death Star.

That latter point, is Han Solo’s exit.

To the Making Star Wars quote!

The facts are this was shot at Pinewood:

  • This sequence takes place on the ramparts of The Evil Castle.

  • Han Solo is hiding.

  • He decides to reveal himself to Kylo Renn.

  • Finn, Rey, Chewbacca and BB-8 stop in their tracks.

  • They watch as Han Solo confronts Kylo Ren. Kylo Rnn silences the conversation forever.

  • Chewbacca lets out of a barrage of angry roars and laser blasts.

  • Kylo Ren flees the scene.

  • Explosions.

  • Stormtroopers file in and Finn and Rey are forced to flee.

  • More explosions.

  • BB-8 and Chewbacca flee to the Falcon.

So in this day and age, how is the above going to compare to this:

Doesn’t it sort of depend what Han Solo says to Kylo Ren? What the conversation that is silenced forever pertains to? I think it does.

If you’re looking as to where to place this in the movie, it’s certainly the second act climax after our heroes have found Luke, and if you’re gonna talk about the Force “awakening,” you don’t send your smuggler diplomat to to do the talking.

Much like Obi-Wan Kenobi got to utter “if you strike me down…” there has to be a Han moment in this confrontation.

I’m guessing it’s a father trying to forgive an angry son.


Remember how I said there was a “saving the princess” like echo in Episode VII that would make us think it was an updated Episode IV? Well we got some more details on that opening that seems to line up with the other rumors we’ve been hearing.

Honestly, this is Making Star Wars again. Something happened at Making Star Wars recently, new sources, new items, I’m not sure, but everything seems to be based on something new while connecting reports done by a guy named Brandon, Star Wars 7 News and BadAssDigest:

The film does open with a lightsaber in space. It falls to the ground in a savannah environment during the day. It is quickly discovered by a farmer named Naka. Naka accidentally ignites the weapon and starts a fire with it. At first he runs, but then turns around and obtains the weapon. I assume he snatches the weapon so it is not destroyed in the fire.  Naka then takes the weapon to his elder called The Vicar.

The Vicar is most likely played by Max von Sydow. It is most likely a code name too. Chances are they didn’t need to name the character during filming so they just went with the title The Vicar which means leader or superior. Anyways, the Vicar appears to contact the Rebels and this brings Poe Dameron to the planet.

Later that night, Poe Dameron arrives and retrieves the lightsaber from The Vicar. The only problem? They’ve brought the Empire there as well (not sure if the Empire followed Poe or intercepted the initially transmission he received). Poe sees Stormtroopers are coming and he places the laser sword safely in a little droid: BB-8. The droid flees and the heroic Poe Dameron prepares to fight!

Back to me: Amongst those Stormtroopers is Finn, who - as we’ve discussed previously - has a crisis of conscience and doesn’t follow orders. This lands him in the Empire’s brig, with Poe. Poe is a pilot, Finn is a Stormtrooper, and using their combined knowledge they steal a Tie-Fighter and escape back to the planet, where they crash, where Finn meets Rey, and we’re off to the races!

Head canon Act and and what we’ve learned about the end of Act 2 together and you have your other sequences:

Escape from the desert planet!

New cast meets old cast!

Let’s go find Luke!

Luke’s kinda weird!

Oh no, cross-guard saber!

Sad Chewbacca.

Now all that remains are the other bits and pieces: Gwendoline Christie Stormtrooper, just who is Force sensitive and builds/wields their own lightsabers, Leia’s efforts to build a super-weapon to nullify the Empire’s, whatever Domnhall Gleeson is up to.

But as far as Han Solo goes, I think we know the majority of his role in The Force Awakens at this point.

Now that I’ve been very confident about being right, let’s look at two more things I have to contribute the conversation that just generally muddies the water (lest I be accused of RUINING over spoiling):

ONE - Got this from a source we’ve previously used: “SW7 does not have any Hutts as rumored. No other Jedi. And Luke is not as active in the film. As everyone thinks he is.” Obviously not from the same person who told us the Hutts were in the movie and were practical.

I’m putting this here irresponsibly, I haven’t had time to follow up on it.

TWO: JJ Abrams himself said some of the rumors were true, via BBC:

"There are a ton of rumours - some true, some false. But I'm grateful for everyone who would want to read a spoiler because it means that they care and want to see the movie. I know what it feels like, as an enormous Star Wars fan myself."

YAY! Some true some false! FANS FANS FANS!



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