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WHAT IS THIS BLOCK OF TEXT? Hi, my name is Da7e and every Friday I write something about Star Wars. It's usually about sequel trilogy, the spin-off movies or Star Wars Rebels and occasionally, I'm the first one to write about things. Important things. Like this week: wigs.

It’s been an interesting week in Star Wars: Episode VII stuff. All the best things remain unconfirmed whispers on forums and in comments sections. The production has really locked themselves down and I’m getting the general sense that anyone with access to the story has been given a crash course in diverting attention from the sort of details we think we want to know.

I would argue, and have been arguing, that the more we know about Star Wars: Episode VII the better because thats how people interact with things they love endlessly, but I can very easily see the flip side, and it goes something like this: there are 518 days until this movies scheduled release. I could have complete access to the script and concept art and I’d still have to stall by describing only 90 seconds of the movie every week because that’s how far out we are.

Maybe I should enjoy the rumbling and tumbling of speculation a bit more. Not that I’m okay with being outright lied to by a production (something I’ve started to refer to as Khan-ing in normal conversation with people), but I’m trying to get more into the swing of things, knowing that half the battle of being okay with endless Star Wars movies for the foreseeable future is also being okay with the endless production cycle that will accompany that.

It’s weird because up until recently when Episode VII was announced and the Expanded Universe was cancelled along with comics, TV shows and video games in development, there was ALWAYS something Star Wars coming our way. Now there’s lots more coming our way again, but everything has paused to pivot into the sequel trilogy. Episode VII, Rebels and the new comics and books are all in the future, so we’re lapping up any information possible on anything.

That and we’re occasionally yelling about how the cast should be more diverse. And I support that yelling, because that yelling made a difference and I have no personal investment in making JJ Abrams feel good. I’ve seen a lot of pieces start with “outrage about a lack of female characters in the new Star Wars might have been premature,” and that’s just false. The outrage is what got us more women in Star Wars. I don’t know what joy anyone is getting out of saying “I told you so” to people who had a valid concern. I understand being annoyed by the outrage internet, but we’re talking about Disney and Star Wars, there needs to be a significant and noticeable reaction to get them to do anything. We need a lot of voices to yell loud enough so they can hear us in the money tower.


blackbetha: Jonathan, In your mind, does Boba Fett Escape the Sarlacc Pit?

Rinzler: Yes, he does. I have been in meetings with George where he confirms that Fett survived. If it comes from George then it’s true!

Some good news for Boba Fett fans - apparently George Lucas has asserted it’s canon that Boba Fett crawled out of the Sarlaac pit he was thrown into in Return of the Jedi. Boba Fett is very much alive.

This information came from a Reddit AMA with Jonathan Rinzler, a member of the Lucas Story Group, AKA “the people who control what’s going to happen in Star Wars.” Also Reddit-ing around these days was Timothy Zahn, the Expanded Universe author who created fan favorites like Thrawn and Mara Jade. He answered a question that highlights the soft line between “non-canon” and “deleted” when it comes to what happened to the EU:

Q: How do you feel about Lucasfilm declaring most expanded universe works (i.e. your works) as “non-canon”?

A: I wasn’t going to address this topic. But since so many of you have asked:

What the “non-canon” announcement by LFL means is that they aren’t going to be bound by the Expanded Universe books, comics, and games as they plan their new movies. Realistically, that’s something they had to do — the EU is just too big, complicated, and occasionally contradictory for them to have to deal with.

However, I’m guessing that EU stories that aren’t referenced (or contradicted) by the sequel movies will still be considered sort-of alive, in the same way that most Clone Wars-era stories (like Outbound Flight) were mostly unaffected, with the exception being all of the previous material on Boba Fett’s backstory.

Alternatively, if the new movies do contradict my books in some way, I can probably come up with some hand-waving story that will explain the apparent discrepancy. If there’s one thing we authors are good at, it’s hand-waving.

Meanwhile, speaking of Mara Jade, a theory that is probably not true, but one that I love nonetheless is that Karen Gillan of Dr. Who fame shaved her red hair for Guardians of the Galaxy and that hair was made into a wig they used in Star Wars: Episode VII.

This was thrown into question yesterday when Mashable reported the Guardians hair was used to make a wig that Gillan was going to use in her American sitcom Selfie:

Doctor Who alum Karen Gillan may have had to shave her red locks to play the villain in Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, but luckily her pals at Marvel had a solid post-head shave plan: Make her hair into a wig.

"They took it strand-by-strand and put it into a wig," the still short-haired Gillan revealed Tuesday to reporters at the Television Critics Association press tour panel for her upcoming ABC comedy Selfie. "So I’m going to be wearing that [on the show]."

I was so enjoying the idea that Dr. Who hair went solo to be in Star Wars while Gillan went Marvel. Half joking and half serious, I tweeted my feelings:

I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that my actions have consequences, but I was contacted by a Twitter follower who knew someone who works on Selfie and could answer my PRESSING WIG QUESTIONS.

Here’s the scoop: There is ONE wig. It is of Karen Gillan’s real red hair. It WAS on the Star Wars: Episode VII set (this person couldn’t speak to if it was used) and the same wig was used while shooting Selfie’s pilot. Now that the series has been ordered, they are making new wigs and the original Karen-Hair wig is now in Karen’s possession, supposedly

So - HEY! - that famous science-fiction hair really is as magical as I’d hoped.


The production recently wrapped shooting in the Forest of Dean in a part of the forest called “Puzzlewood.” It looks pretty cool, or at least these photos of production equipment that was accidentally left behind as the shoot left.

Star Wars 7 News got a spy report from a guy named Mark who was in the area:

(From yesterday) I just drove by the set again (I live 45 minutes from location) and at least hoped there would be a crowd of fans I could hang out with for an hour or so. Where are they? Nothing to see, I guess. Today it looks like half the trailers have moved out and weren’t many parked cars. So crowd scenes are probably finished.

(From today) It’s a wrap! My uncle lives up the road and saw spaceship / section on low loader this morning on his way to work. I just got back from location and all the trailers have gone. They’re clearing up now. So 4 days shoot for 1 or 2 scenes. The spaceship was seen being delivered yesterday morning. When I drove by yesterday lunchtime I couldn’t see anything. Traffic cones were placed right where local observers were seen standing earlier.

I registered with casting agency in Bristol 2 weeks ago and I was waiting for my photo and asked a full time extra if he was working on AVCO and what my chances were. He said his mate was a Stormtrooper on it and there was only a shortage of little people for this big battle scene they wanted to film.

This has lead to widespread speculation that we’re back on the forest moon of Endor.

Daisy Ridley was with this unit of production and that lead to this pair of trailer signs leaking out from the Puzzlewood forest:

Which makes people think Daisy Ridley’s character name might be Kira. I say “might,” and everyone who gets what’s going on with Khan-ing says “might.” There are also people that say it has to be fake because it’s the name of a Deep Space 9 character. I disagree, but I love those people for thinking that’s a reason.


Star Wars Rebels is going to be at San Diego Comic-Con, which means we’re approaching our oasis of information about what’s happening in the Star Wars canonical world. My favorite of the new announcements is Jason Isaacs’ Inquisitor, because: duh. Who doesn’t want to know about a Dark Side non-Sith Jedi-hunter?

I like the comments made here about the differences between the Sith and general Dark Side users. If Star Wars is going to expand in all directions so it can make the most massive science fiction property of all time...again...get ready to push into the past and everything we’ve assumed about the religions and magics of the Star Wars Universe.

I’ve heard that Disney’s Team Star Wars has spun up development on a project involving the history of the Sith that pulls from elements found previously in Knights of the Old Republic and the Golden Age of the Sith parts of the “Tales of the Jedi” comics series.

This project seems pretty new, or at least in the first stages of revival, so it’s unclear what form this will take: spin-off movie? TV special? Netflix something? Animated whoosit?

Well, that’s a lot of Star Wars for this week. Next week, I’m going to be chest-deep in Comic-Con coverage so we’ll see how much Star Wars cools down, considering Episode VII isn’t planning to have a presence.

Until then, join me in "awwwwwwwww."

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