STAR WARS: Exclusive First Look, New X-Cellent X-Wing

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THE WHAT?:  It’s a column on Star Wars news and rumors and therefore contains SPOILERS and SPECULATION. This time, more spoilers than speculation.

THIS WEEK: APPLE WATCH AIN’T GOT NOTHING ON ME. Exclusive photos of the badassest X-Wing to get the movie treatment, plus some details about X-Wings in Episode VII.

So, this thing got pooped out by official Bad Robot social media:

Much like other coy responses from JJ Abrams as he films Episode VII, this image has a bit of a hint in it, namely the Death Star (or general Imperial) lighting that’s reflected in the sleek black conference table.

“Da7e,” you might be saying, “it’s ridiculous to think the Death Star or anything resembling a Death Star is in Episode VII. We’ve been there and done that.”

Well, I respond, it’s about as ridiculous as a $350 watch you need an iPhone to operate. And as ridiculous as JJ Abrams, a man with a company full of cutting edge technology behind him, shilling for an Apple product.

We live in a ridiculous world. So is that a moon or is that a no moon?

X-Wing: Days of Future Past

And now for the main event! NEWS! (Or Rumors, depending on your personal categorization and general mistrust of a guy who acts the way I do).

We live in an age where airplane pilots and drones are getting our set photos for us, which is baffling to me, this brave new world. But, as someone who likes to hone in on specific Star Wars awesomeness, there’s nothing like drone photos it turns out.

First, the pilot photo of the Millenium Falcon and X-Wing, or more specifically where they are.

Greenham Common, according to Google, has many structures like this:

They held nukes in the past century. That's the 1990s, not the 1890s. There are six of them on site, I'm told. They will be used as docking bays for some sort of base. It's like a Yavin IV with a touch of Echo Base kind of feel for the good guys this time around. The X-Wing is seen, under wraps, positioned like it’s parked outside one of these bays that will be dressed as a set when that X-Wing gets unwrapped…

...and we see that it’s Black, Orange and Chrome.

Thanks to photographers/spies "Paul K, Brad3DLP, Longerfellow & Dr. Moose" and affordable home drone technology, we can give you a peek at this black, orange and chrome X-Wing parked outside of it’s loading bay.

And the whole base, why not?


Note the 2D stand-ups of other X-Wings in the other docking bays that will be replaced or touched up in post production.

And our nice white X-Wing and Falcon:

Now the question: who gets to fly that new black sweetness, and why was the X-Wing we saw previously blue, and why are there so many X-Wings?

Ok, that was a few questions, let me see how I can go about answering them.

There are a lot of X-Wing pilots in Star Wars: Episode VII, relatively. There are four supporting character who will be X-Wing pilots (or at least pilot an X-Wing, details at this moment haven’t been corroborated).

The black X-Wing, undoubtedly the coolest X-Wing and one I will undoubtedly be buying some sort of toy of, belongs to one of our leads. Not sure which one yet, but it’s not Oscar Isaacs, cuz he’s flying the Falcon. If I had to guess - AND THIS IS THE GUESSING SENTENCE - I’d say John Boyega or whomever the chrome/cloaking Storm Trooper is, because chrome.

And with so many X-Wings out in the Stars, will they War? They will! Episode VII includes one big action X-Wing fight. Pew pew!

How's that for one-upping some guy tweeting about his plane flight?

Oh you want one of the black X-Wing with a lighter watermark, you thief? Fine. Here. I love you.



And now, our regularly scheduled Star Wars: Rebels update: that thing a lot of us have been saying for awhile. But this time from Entertainment Weekly, which got quotes from actual Lucas Story Group members:

Even though Rebels takes place years before the events of the first-released Star Wars film (Episode IV), and is an animated series rather than a feature film, Disney wants to make sure any creative elements introduced in Rebels align with the rest of the Star Wars canon. That way, even with multiple Star Wars projects in various stages of development at the same time, the brand’s world-building will continue in a cohesive and consistent manner.
“It’s a very integrated process, there’s real communication between all the filmmakers because we’re all part of a larger timeline,” says Rebels executive producer Simon Kinberg, who is also a creative consultant on Episode VII. “There is absolutely communication and integration between the different stories. We are very aware of what they’re doing in VII, and we also have to click into place with Episode IV.”

Hey! Good job at reading between the lines, everyone.

Or just listening at Comic Con panels…

Or reading A New Dawn…

Or this column!...

But - Hey! Entertainment Weekly says they’ve exclusively learned this, so let’s give credit where credit is due: to Entertainment Weekly.

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