Star Wars Han Solo Film: New Set Photo Reveals…Chewie & Wife?

– by Joseph Medina

Not too long ago, the upcoming standalone Han Solo film was facing a lot of scrutiny. And understandably so. This was a film that only had a few weeks left of production left, and it was in that time that Lucasfilm thought it best to pull helmers Phil Lord and Chris Miller from the director’s chair. It was an odd move, to say the least, and given the precious subject matter (Han Solo), it didn’t make the already-questionable concept of the film sit well with fans. Was Star Wars officially in trouble?

Perhaps not. Each film in the past had faced its own set of problems — only this one was far more public. In Lord and Miller’s place was veteran director Ron Howard, a steady figure that would help shepherd this flick to the finish line and execute a vision in line with what Lucasfilm wants. In the time since then, things have mellowed out a bit, and production has continued. Every so often, Howard takes to Twitter to share some obscure photo from the set, but the latest one may be the most revealing photo to date.

Check it out below:

As indicated by Howard, this photo shows the crew — along with Chewbacca — having a look at the footage they just shot. However, what’s most notable is the actual screen they’re looking at. If we’re not mistaken, it looks like Chewie has his forehead pressed against another wookie’s, implying that their relation is of the intimate sort. Could this be Chewie’s girlfriend, or even wife?

While there is still plenty of room for this to be an understandable use of the character in the film, I can’t help but have flashbacks to the Star Wars Holiday Special from decades past. In it, we got to see (or were forced to see) Chewie’s entire family (including his wife, Malla, who is not canon, thank God), and the special stands as a testament of why you should sometimes leave the past to the imagination. We’re not sure we wanted to know more about Chewie’s past, but it looks like they’ll be giving some of that to us, regardless. Let's hope that the past they uncover will be more interesting and less cringey than what we got in the Holiday Special.

Does this have you excited or concerned? Let us know in the comments down below!

The untitled Han Solo film hits theaters on May 25, 2018.

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SOURCE: Ron Howard

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