STAR WARS: New Film, Newest Hutts

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Newpa (noo pah) adj. 1. New. 

Film (film) n.1. Holo.

Kagwa (kah gwah) adj.1. Latest.2. Newest.

There are good days of speculating and bad days of speculating.As a completest geek who likes to have all his information canonical and intersecting, I’m constantly relying on the idea of consistency throughout storytelling. In my few years as someone who has tried thinking seriously about film and television, I’ve absorbed a great number of similar stories, character types, tropes and stereotypes. These things tend to play out in the same way.

I went to college for screenwriting (and if I were you, I wouldn’t - writing is a skill that can be developed without student loans), and there I would occasionally complain that Star Wars made every science fiction and fantasy fan a supposed “expect” in Joseph Campbell’s Hero with a Thousand Faces mono-myth and how it applies to Hollywood blockbuster filmmaking. It’s not that these patterns are wrong as much as there have been entire generations since Campbell's theories really applied to Darth Vader. Sure the do, and there’s “meet the goddess” points and wise wizards all over movies today, but - come on.

All of this is to say that when I wrote last week about the supposed Han Solo film and Boba Fett film being the same film, I was going off some old information and just some basic ideas of how that kind of story plays out in the Star Wars Universe. I still think it’s very possible this movie has Han Solo AND Boba Fett in it, but that stuff about the Hutts? I was just making that up because the three characters have been so tied into each other since the deleted scene from A New Hope where Jabba comes to collect his debt from Han (and gets his tail stepped on by Harrison Ford). The Hutts are the gangster kings of Tatooine and they have a history with Anakin Skywalker from podrace to the early days of The Clone Wars to the fall of Jabba in Return of the Jedi.

Well, I can forward that timeline for you today: there are Hutts in The Force Awakens, we know because those Hutts have been practically built. I know there is more than one Hutt, but unsure how many exactly are going to show up. The process of constructing these Hutts began over a year ago, so you can imagine how my ears perked up when it was rumored that the Star Wars spin-off film would be “sharing assets” with The Force Awakens, despite being in different time periods. Last time I speculated this would mostly be ships and interiors, but how hard can it be to re-dress a Hutt? Reaching out to a source, I was told: “I’m sure their existence could have factored in to them being included, or the expenditure was made because it was all coordinated.” In other words: if JJ wanted expensive Hutts, it might have been okay since they could be used down the line.  

How these Hutts are going to pop up is still in question. There were very early reports of concept art that featured Princess Leia meeting with the Hutts. That seems about right, considering she’s a Galactic politician and murdered Tatooine’s last lead Hutt in cold blood whilst in a metal slave bikini. Showing Leia dealing with that political situation would be a good way to show what a powerful politician she’s become.

As for the spin-off film, forward motion seems to be speeding up for Gareth Edwards’ pass at the universe. It’s still widely accept rumor that this movie will be about Bounty Hunters in some capacity, and we know that Gary Whitta did a first draft and has since been replaced with About A Boy scribe Chris Weitz. We think we know the first person to be cast in the film and - somewhat surprisingly given the Star Wars history of male protagonists - it’s a woman.

Total Geeks reports:

According to a source close to production, the still unknown ‘Star Wars’ spin-off has landed Tatiana Maslany as its leading lady.
Of course, she was recently linked to the galaxy far, far away when her name emerged amongst the likes of Rooney Mara and Felicity Jones who had apparently auditioned for the part. But I was soon contacted by a trusted source, who revealed that Maslany was apparently the front-runner for the role.
Unfortunately, they didn’t have any details on what that role might be… except that (as earlier reports suggested) it is apparently the leading role. But I later heard from my source again, explaining that they’d heard that Maslany had landed the role.

Maslany’s work on Orphan Black goes to show that we don’t even know who she would be type cast as in this movie, let alone any genuine plot hints. However, if you’re going to make a movie about a bunch of Bounty Hunters, a Maslany-portrayed one could totally be the emotional center-piece. Some character that brushes shoulders with the doers and the shakers of the Rise of the Empire era.


the Star Wars Battle Pod is apparently in a select arcade near me. I’ve been reading a lot of books recently on the development of Disneyland and Universal Studios attractions and have been feeling sad that immersive experiences aren’t being budgeted into today’s culture as fast as they were in the 1990s.

Battle Pod is step in the right direction. It looks amazing. And I’ve played those scenes in three or four different games, I still want to give it a shot.

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