STAR WARS: Ruin, Ruins, and Ruining

– by L-R

There will be no one to stop us this time!

THE WHAT?:  It’s a column on Star Wars news and rumors and therefore contains SPOILERS and SPECULATION. If you’re not into those things: go pick me up some power converters, what else are you good for?

THIS WEEK: I start talking about real fact-based reporting on Star Wars, mostly as a way to fly completely off the rails at the end of the column with MAJOR speculation and spoilers. THIS IS THE ONE YOU CAN TALK ABOUT ALL LABOR DAY WEEKEND! ALSO THIS IS THE ONE SPOILERPHOBES SHOULD SKIP.

Star Wars: Episode VII is filming again!

If I can ask one thing of everyone as we move back into production: Please don’t report Harrison Ford broke his leg on the Millennium Falcon. He didn’t. It was a completely separate set and no one is officially going to correct this error because they can’t talk about what actually happened without putting a hole in the Mystery Box (God Forbid!)

On the never-ending forum crawl of my Star Wars geek peers, I’ve been seeing a lot of complaints that nothing is really happening these two weeks without an active production. From where I sit, it’s been the exact opposite. When Episode VII took a break, we finally started getting real information from inside the production. Be they Indie Revolver image leaks or photos of the Stormtrooper helmet.

Hats off to a forum member of TheRFP who simply opened the photo of the Stormtrooper helmet in iPhoto and checked the geo-tagging to prove it was taken inside Pinewood Studios. The photo was taken on the 18th of May this year, which is far before I first saw it. It appears that on the break from filming, some staff working on Episode VII in the props and/or concept art divisions were let go, leading to these image leaks.

For me as a fan, this is great, I love Star Wars news and I love REAL Star Wars news the most. For me as a “reporter”…..ugh. I try my best not to publish stolen material because that gets into Pentagon Papers levels of bull crap just to keep moving forward. I had to sneak into screenings of Iron Man 3 and Guardians of the Galaxy because I wanted to write about them over a year before their releases. I try to keep it pure information. All the other sites and forums who want to get into the concept art and photos that are leaking: they are great resources with different editorial policies and hopefully someone in their inner circle who knows a lawyer.

Sometimes that means that I’m the source for things (D-A-7-E, I got EW to actually write that as my name!) and I try to tell people just how sure I am, but - HEY! - I’m not going to be right all the time. I’m just a guy writing talking to a faceless internet asking it to love him.

I had to take a week off from everything to relocate my physical body to a new location, but that doesn’t mean that last week Latino-Review bypassed dropping the sweet, sweet Star Wars news - oh no - they posted a doozy. A doozy that I wasn’t sure they were going to post this far out from release, but they did it

I’m talking about the caption on the last image in this post.

Yeeeesh. I’m not touching that. But I will say this about my previous reporting: 1) I’m now pretty sure no one is going to call themselves an “Inquisitor” in Episode VII, it’s more likely that these Sith baddies are ret-conned into the overall story arc since the prequel trilogy was so obsessed with the Sith duality (one master, one apprentice). I’m pretty sure there are just a lot of Sith, probably not called The Inquisitor, but still may be a cyborg. Just not the cyborg in the concept art. The more I hear from people about that leaked concept art piece, the more I wish it wasn’t out there.


I am very happy last week saw Latino Review outline a bit more of the time in-between Return of the Jedi and the start of Episode VII. If the Emperor survived and Darth Vader’s mask is in that concept art linked above, we kind of got a false happy ending with the Yub-Yub Endor dance.

At the end of Return of the Jedi - someone(s?) absconds with Luke and possibly the remains of Vader pretty soon after we cut to credits in that film. Luke has been a captive of this person/team/group ever since and it's the search for him that will kickoff Episode VII. The only problem is Domhnall Gleeson, whose resemblance to Mark Hamill had many theorizing a Skywalker generational line, is not playing Luke's kid. Luke has no kids. He's been a captive since we last saw him. Poor Luke.

Who is Gleeson gonna play? Still no solid idea on that. If I were to guess, I still think the guy looks too much like young Mark Hamill, so until I hear otherwise, I’m going to assume we’re also going to see Luke in the Flashback we’ve previously mentioned. Young Luke? Young Leia? Darth Flashback? Sounds like the “Inquisitors (not called that)” really obsess over the Skywalker line.

And who wouldn’t? Darth Plaugeis created Anakin out of MidiChlorians, right? He’s like the Jesus of The Force and I’ve seen The Da Vinci Code, I know messiah bloodline searches make good action movies!

Ok, all of that was speculation, but it’s a fact Domhnall Gleeson is not playing Luke’s son. I bought into that rumor and now I’ve learned it’s not true.

Other things I’m now concerned about? I don’t know if I’ve been thinking of Daisy Ridley’s character in the right way. She’s signed on for all three movies of the new trilogy so she’s very important, but I’m not sure exactly who she is anymore. Maybe a Solo, sure, but - like - who she is, ya know?

Skelling Micahel island via

Skelling Micahel island via

I’m starting to feel weird about Skelling Michael Island, that pretty place in Kerry, Ireland where they filmed a few days in late July with Mark Hamill and probably Daisy Ridley. I’m starting to feel weird about it because they’re going back to shoot there in November - local vendors have already been contracted out. And November in Kerry does NOT look like late July in Kerry, this landscape will be grey and dark and - ARGH! What is it?

Well, someone’s been talking to me and they think they know.

Remember how Aint It Cool News said the working title for Episode VII was “An Ancient Evil?” Remember my column two weeks ago about A New Dawn and how this is all going to be one big story now that LucasFilm Story Group is uniting the storyworld? Remember how the vague idea of the plot of Episode VII involves “Sith Witches” and a powerful weapon?

Good? Let’s rock.

I’m hearing Skelling Michael Island is the location for the Sith Homeworld. Like in the Expanded Universe, the Sith were founded by a Jedi who practiced moral relativism thousands of years ago (a long LONG time ago in a galaxy far, far away). He met up with Plagueis and started going by the Sith name Darth Ruin. He split off to unite the Sith tribes under the Dark Side of The Force. I don’t know if all of that is going to be in the movie, but it’s going to get called back as we’ll have a new Ruin in the movie, whomever fancies himself the biggest threat (might this be my “Sith Inquisitor?”).

Now, we at LR know that the Sith Homeworld was in the re-tooled Michael Ardnt draft of the script, so this next part might be old info we’re getting pushed back at us, but: Skelling Michael Island is the Sith Homeworld, the stone hut ruins on that island are a control center and the planet itself is somehow the weapon. That’s no moon! That’s no planet! MASSIVE BAD THINGS.

Now I’m wondering about everything. Are the Sith and Ruin keeping Luke on their homeworld to power their weapon? Is Ruin running the show? Who IS Ruin?

So much to think about, I have no idea who thought these two weeks were boring, we’re all working together to figure out the plot of a movie that releases next December.

Rebels can’t come soon enough, because I want into this world NOW.


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