STAR WARS: Star Wars Loves Joss

– by L-R

Stick with me here, what if we all got distracted by a big dust cloud on the internet while a whole bunch of cool things happened in the world of Star Wars? What if Joss Whedon is lying to us by exclusion?

I want to be clear about something before we start: as soon as we got this report I unplugged from talking about Star Wars or Joss Whedon, at all, online. I shut it down. It’s not because my heart was in it, but the echo chamber needed to stop while we asked more people more questions.

And when NO ONE wanted to comment beyond saying something was happening, I started to get the idea we might be on to something. So - in the grand nature of me speculating about things, I’m going to logically poke at this until we stop being interested…

… Joss Whedon is being courted by team Star Wars RIGHT NOW.

The Lucasfilm Story Group, Kathleen Kennedy,  and Disney would love to fold the writer director into a Star Wars project and after Whedon successfully navigated Marvel’s Phase 2 through Age of Ultron, Disney thinks he’s more than capable of heading up a Star Wars thing for them.

I say “project” because literally no one wants to be more specific than mentioning this happening. I can’t blame our sources, it IS incredibly exciting news and if they knew specifics it would completely expose them.

What we suspect is that Joss Whedon very publicly spoke out against Marvel and quit Twitter the weekend after his gigantic blockbuster movie opened under the pretext of being tired but mostly to create a smokescreen to secretly to be approached by Star Wars.

While Twitter erupted assuming the feminists had turned on Whedon (or something, let’s not discuss that), everyone not on Twitter was whispering that Whedon was on his way over to Star Wars, but no one said anything publicly.

Much like Vision/Adam Warlock earlier this week, I’m surprised fans haven’t been pulling their hair out at the possibility.

Here’s the skinny: this is probably NOT Episode IX.

Episode IX is still JJ Abrams’ to pass on and a recent interview with Vanity Fair really highlights that all the doubt he had about picking up the new movies for Disney early on is gone. JJ Abrams is having fun again and Disney/Abrams/Lucasfilm have successfully been rolling out details about The Force Awakens setting up big climax moments in the film. I think Abrams is back on Star Wars excitement bandwagon.

Gareth Edwards is doing great. He showed up for his panel at Celebration like a professional and Rogue One was presented with confidence.

Rian Johnson looks like he’s going to be a one-and-done, but he has the middle installment. Or, as we call it in trilogies “The Empire slot” because Star Wars made that middle movie iconic and now Johnson has to do it again. I'm probably most excited for this of all assumed and announced Star Wars films.

Whedon could go in the Trank spot. The Fett movie sounds like a mess. Not only was/is Boba Fett hard to crack for Disney, but now that this is an “origin story” it’s probably going to change everything for one trilogy.

I’m still a fan of the idea that Boba Fett from The Clone Wars somehow dies or passes on the armor to Boba Fett from Empire Strikes Back (no, Boba Fett is not in A New Hope, what’s a Special Edition?). I like this idea because we get to spend the movie with two Boba Fetts, potentially, and a complex relationship that doesn’t reveal itself until you realize they’re both characters we’ve liked from other movies…. Too complex? Can’t kill Boba Fett? I understand your frustration.

The other and more tantalizing option is that Joss Whedon won’t end up primarily directing for the Lucasfilm Story Group, but instead do one of his other jobs that he’s shown himself to be good at. Like script polishing or executive producing a TV show.

Script and story work seems less likely, especially since the Lucasfilm Story Group seems to have that all on lock. Whedon is a good polish and detail man, but he’s getting pretty big for those types of quick-hit story jobs. It’s possible, but not as exciting as the idea of Whedon working on the live-action TV show.

If you haven’t been tracking Star Wars’ long trek to television, it’s been something that even George Lucas toyed with back when he was still running his franchise. The problem with a Star Wars TV series, Lucas-style, was that the man wasn’t building many sets. Most of the prequels existed (and still exist) as little more than digital elements to be manipulated.

Now that Marvel has shown you can semi-successfully boot a TV series inside your unified universe, Star Wars looks viable again and Lucasfilm is smart this time around: Assets are being passed back and forth between films. That means those assets could also be used to lighten the load on a television budget. Want a Hutt character for an episode? Good thing we already have all these Hutts built!

If we assume asset-sharing is going to make the TV show possible, then you have to look at where these movies are placed on the Star Wars timeline: those are around where we’d get our series.

In other words: no Old Republic Era, we’re probably in the “Rise of the Empire” era between Revenge and A New Hope. The other place, obviously, to put it is on the road to The Force Awakens, because: who is the First Order? What happened to the Empire? Tons of questions can and should be answered.

Bottom line: Joss Whedon’s circling Star Wars. They are courting him. He is very tired, but - hey! - it’s Star Wars

There are two ways this shakes out: confirmation or denial, but right now the worst kept secret of the week is that this is a thing.


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