The Avengers Trailer Recut Like Justice League Trailer

– by Tim Jousma

The internet is a beautiful thing. Thanks to advancements in technology, folks with a simple laptop can come up with some crazy talented work, such as this trailer a fan cut to make The Avengers from 2012 resemble the new Justice League trailer. 

The work on the trailer was outstanding. It was seamless and really came across like an actual, professional movie trailer. It also showed what I felt was the big problem with the Justice League trailer. The trailer itself told no story. What do I mean? Watch the original trailer from The Avengers.

While it doesn't tell the whole story of the film like some trailers are guilty of, the trailer itself tells it's own little story showcasing the disfunction the group had as well as the difficulties they had working together. Compare that to the Justice League trailer. Justice League has some great action segments as well as bits showing off some characterization for folks like Arthur Curry and Barry Allen yet the trailer itself is devoid of any story. 

What is it about the DC movies that they're just not getting right? They have three of the most iconic characters in comics, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman. They also have lesser known characters with rich histories of their own like The Flash and Aquaman. There are years of adventures that the producers of these films can comb through in order to showcase what makes the Justice League great. Yet they continue to find ways to screw it up. 

For my money, it comes down to respect for the source material. While Hollywood simply can't take a comic book and panel by panel convert everyone's favorite comics into a movie, they can respect the source material by making sure the world these characters inhabit has the feel of the original source material. The Marvel Cinematic Universe does a great job of making their movies and television shows feel like living representations of the original comics even with the changes to character and costume they had to make. Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy veered off from the look of Batman comics but you couldn't argue that he really captured the essence of what made Batman great. Even the Tim Burton Batman films, flawed as they are, really captured the Batman character in ways that the new Zack Snyder DC movies is simply lacking. 

There seems to be this idea with the folks running the DC movies that if they slap a Superman costume on someone, fans will see the movie regardless of the quality. While Man of Steel and Batman V Superman have made enough money to continue the franchise, fan opinion is showing a real disconnect between these characters and for the long term health of this franchise, that isn't good. They can work on making the movies more "fun" all they want. As long as they continue to sacrifice story as well as honoring the source material, these movies are going to continue to be reviled by fans. If the film producers show disdain for the source material, why are they even making these movies? 

So what do you think? How did the fan do on the custom made trailer? Do you think the Justice League trailer shows improvements for that franchise? What will DC have to do in order to get on par with Marvel Studios? Sound off in the comments section below.

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