The Flash: This Could Be The True Identity Of Savitar!

– by Drew Carlton

So, on The Flash, there have been a couple of theories of the true identity of Savitar, and the top two candidates are Eddie Thawne or Wally west. The only time we have seen Savitar without armor on was from behind, and he was played by Daniel Cudmore (the actor that played Colossus in the X-Men movies, not the Deadpool voice-over). However, this means nothing, as we have already seen the ability for a speedster to change his appearance using future tech. Being trapped in the speedforce allows one to travel through time and see visions of everything at once.

I do not think it is Wally West, but I could see it happening after Wally's uniform was torn off at the end of yesterdays episode. However there are some quotes and another piece of evidence that actually now make me believe he is Eddie Thawne, the hero of Season 1. Also in the preview of next weeks episode we see both Eddie Thawne, Ronnie Raymond, Earth-3 Jay Garrick, and Wally.

First let's talk about the comic version of Eddie Thawne; Cobalt Blue. In the comics he was Barry's brother but was adopted at birth, and raised by the Thawne family, and is named Malcolm Thawne (which for obvious reasons they couldn't have named him Malcolm in The CW world). He wears a stone on his chest that looks almost identical to the philosopher's stone, and it has the ability to steal other metas powers, which he uses to steal some of Barry's speed, and become a speedster that runs around with a BLUE lightning (well flame) trail. He is Eobard Thawne's distant relative as well, and this is the only comic counterpart that fits Eddie. Plus it would be cool to find out that he is Barry's brother. In the final episode of Season one, when Eddie is being pulled into the speedforce/wormhole, it is important to note that the talisman worn around Eddie's neck the last time we see him has some type of jewel in it -- possibly the philosopher's stone in the making?

In episode nine, through a Julian mind meld, Savitar has some quotes where he says:

"I know you, Caitlin. Cisco, Joe, Wally. The fake Wells. I know your fears and I know your weaknesses. I know you better than you know yourselves. I know your destinies. One shall betray you. One shall fall. One will suffer a fate far worse than death. This is the knowledge I have for you. About your everlasting damnation.
"I am the future, Flash.
"You did this to me. You trapped me in eternity. Your future self - you did this to me, Barry. And now the age of my revenge rises. My freedom is at hand. You will feel my wrath. The wrath of Savitar!"

I am almost positive that in the first season Eddie called Eobard the "fake wells." We also need to be aware that Barry's future self may not have anything to do with the future of this season, he could be referring to the future version of Barry that created Flashpoint, as there were multiple timelines there when his mother died, and perhaps in this version of reality Mrs. Allen had another child which was erased when Eobard used him to recreate the new timeline they are in now, and he grew up to be Eddie Thawne. Thus creating a time aberration in both Eobard, and possibly with the brother that was adopted. It is also possible that in Flashpoint Eddie has a wonderful life, and when Barry reset it again, he was stranded in the Speedforce due to his nature, or that Eobard pulled him in with it. We also see what appears to be Black Flash in next week's episode, and if this theory is true, Flashpoint comes full circle.

Now the quotes from this week's episode 15. 

"Bow before my greatness, be it all as you are in the presence of the all mighty. I am nothing like you Barry, you are cruel, you are selfish. From my perspective, you are the big bad. Still here pretender? [to H.R.] The sad thing is that you lived, you survived my wrath, the coward -- irony." Barry asks where in the future he is, "The only place you could think, the only place that could hold me, long enough to lose my mind several times over, it's only my will that keeps me on the mind of sanity." Cisco questions him and he responds, "Well that's because you are small Cisco. Reverb told you that you could become a god, but instead you are doing tech support. Because we had to be, only one of us could live. You thought that Thawne and Zoom were your biggest foes, but it's me -- it's always been me Barry." Joe asked what they ever did to him, "You took everything from me, I never asked for any of this Joe, I am only this way because of you, all of you!" Barry asked when they meet and Savitar replies, "Not long now, you are there when I become who I am." Barry then asked if he created him, "Oh no, I created myself, Barry, only I can bring out my greatness."

Savitar goes on with a warning to Iris, apologizing that she has to die, but says that it is either her or him. He also alludes that they did not destroy the stone, which we come to find out that Caitlin held on to a piece of it to cure herself of Killer Frost.

Savitar then says, "Barry you have endured pain your whole life, your mother, your father, trust me you will never get over this."

Savitar says Barry took everything from him, which could either be his Flashpoint life, especially Iris, and also Barry's current Iris relationship. After all, he said Barry is selfish -- like by reseting a timeline to satisfy his own needs. He also said he never asked for any of this, and that "they all took everything from him." There is definitely a relationship here. So by Eddie killing himself, he essentially did create himself, and we still have no idea exactly how things work in the Speedforce. In the comics, Barry Allen returned from death, who is to say that it didn't heal Eddie, or if in fact this is simply the Flashpoint Eddie Thawne getting stuck again lost in time, where he is able to witness the history of time, become a god in the past, and become a nightmare for Barry.

It is a lot to wrap your head around. Is Savitar Eddie Thawne as a time aberration? Is it Wally? Or someone else? What are your theories?

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