The Flash’s New Season 2 Costume Revealed, Its Implications

– by Joseph Medina

What fun is superheroing if you don’t have a change of costume every so often? Pretty much every superhero in existence has gone through these transitions. Batman goes through one at least one overhaul a flick, Iron Man usually has 36 different suits per scene, so why would good ol’ Barry Allen be any different in CW’s “The Flash?”

Of course, fans of the show know that the costume change in “The Flash” will likely have less to do with practicality and more to do with crazy alternate dimension multiverse stuff. But before we get into that, let’s take a look at the costume that was first revealed at San Diego Comic-Con.

On their Facebook page, the CW has revealed the first look at actor Grant Gustin garbed in the new threads (shown above), along with the post:

“NEW SUIT, NEW SEASON! #THEFLASH S2 premieres Tuesday, Oct. 6!”

So what’s new on this suit? Well, not a lot, to be honest. Sure, the photo is a bit on the glary side, so it’s rather difficult to actually see all the fine details, but if the photos from Comic-Con are any indication, there are almost no differences, save for the emblem on his chest. In last season’s suit, the background was red, and in the new season, it’s white.

The new Flash costume at SDCC 2015.

The new Flash costume at SDCC 2015.

The change isn’t really a huge one, but it does definitely resemble his comic book counterpart a bit more, but it’s a detail not many mainstream fans would likely notice at the offset. While diehard Flash fans are probably happy to see this change, it was hardly a big surprise. White-emblem Barry Allen that was hinted at in the first season when we saw some alternate version of him during his fight with Reverse Flash.

Season One's hint at the new Flash costume.

Season One's hint at the new Flash costume.

That does bring forth the question of whether or not the Barry Allen we follow in the second season is the same one we left off with at the end of season one. After all, we never did find out if Allen was able to close the wormhole at the end of the season. What exactly the implications are is up in the air right now, but it does have us scratching our heads and ready to watch the season premiere.

Will you be checking in to see the season premiere of “The Flash” on The CW? What do you think of the oh-so-minor suit changes?

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Source: The Flash Official Facebook Page

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