[UPDATED] The Matrix: Warner Bros Looking To Reboot Franchise, Michael B. Jordan Potentially Eyed To Star?

– by Joseph Medina

UPDATE: Details added regarding a potential writer's room near the end.

Even though we live in an era where practically every film franchise under the sun is likely to get a remake, reboot, or sequel at any given moment. You may think that your favorite movie, book, or series is safe, but no, it’s not. Nothing is safe in Tinsel Town. When Ben-Hur is a movie that gets remade, you really know that nothing is sacred. The same goes for the Matrix films. The first one was a huge testament of innovative filmmaking, unique ideas, and layering big ideas under the skin of a popcorn flick.

The Matrix showed that with the perfect mix of thriller, intrigue, action, and philosophy, you can make a film rise above expectations. Sadly, with its sequels, The Matrix Reloaded and The Matrix Revolutions, it also proved that delving too deep into a mystery can ultimately make the film unfulfilling. Suddenly, there’s no mystery left, and nothing left to ponder when all said and done. It became little more than an action film by the end of that final movie.

If you thought all had been said that needed to be said with these films, you’re probably right, but that hasn’t stopped Hollywood in the past, and it’s not stopping them now. There was recently some talk from Keanu Reeves regarding a potential Matrix 4, but that's now what we're here to discuss. According to a report from THR, Warner Bros is in the early stages of development for a new Matrix reboot, with The Incredible Hulk and Ready Player One screenwriter Zak Penn in talks to make a treatment for the flick.

Sources also tell the outlet that there is some interest in getting Michael B. Jordan (Creed, Fruitvale Station) to star.

Our question coming off of this report is how they plan on approaching this reboot. Will this be more of a sequel film that takes place in the same universe after all the events in the other three Matrix movies, or will it be more of a remake? While the former certainly brings it into dangerous convoluted territory, I’d prefer that over them trying to re-tell that same story again. Since the idea is now well-worn and well known, it would be a total letdown for them to try and pretend the audiences don’t already known that they’re living in a simulation. If they must make a new film, it’d serve them well to tread into new territory.

This is clearly a question that's weighing on the studio's mind as well. According to Deadline, they're pondering throwing together a writer's room to help plan out which direction to take this reboot. If it wasn't clear enough based on this report, they're very much in the early, early stages of development, so it'll be a while before anything more comes out.

What do you think of this news? Do we need another Matrix film? Let us know your thoughts down below!

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