There's A Third 'Pitch Perfect' On The Way

– by LRM

According to Rebel Wilson, fans of Pitch Perfect have something to celebrate about: A third film!

2012's Pitch Perfect managed to score $113 million dollars on a modest budget of $17 million. More importantly, it inspired a fairly instantaneous cult following. It garnered strong reviews, but the buzz amongst fans was probably the big story. I never saw it, but I recall hearing about it nonstop in my circles (said the actor with a ton of musical theatre friends). So, naturally, a sequel was greenlit. Pitch Perfect 2 is set to come out next month on May 15.

But now there's this tweet from Amy Kaufman of the LA Times:

If she is to be believed, and Wilson wasn't just blowing smoke, this would mean that Universal is very confident about Pitch Perfect 2 and ready to proceed with a follow-up right away. 

Pitch Perfect 2 finds Elizabeth Banks in the director's chair, and will hopefully live up to fan expectations when it belts its way into theaters next month.

SOURCE: Twitter

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