– by Tim Jousma

The San Diego Comic Con has wrapped up and boy did they give us some goodies to look forward to at the movie theater in the next couple years. The trailers to WONDER WOMAN, JUSTICE LEAGUE, AND DOCTOR STRANGE were mind blowing. The trailers to the Netflix shows from Marvel, LUKE CAGE, IRON FIST, and THE DEFENDERS were great as well.

One bit Marvel ended up closing their presentation with was the announcement of Brie Larson as CAPTAIN MARVEL. Due in theaters in 2019, this will be the first female starring movie Marvel has put out (despite having the recipe for an amazing movie with Scarlett Johannsen as BLACK WIDOW but that’s another story.) With this news, I thought I would dive into the brilliant 2012 comic from Kelly Sue DeConnick that debuted Carol Danvers as CAPTAIN MARVEL (she’d previously been Ms. Marvel.)


This is the perfect starting on point for the character for new readers. The problem with stories and characters that have been around as long as Carol Danvers is that it’s tough to know where to hop onto the story train. With the first five issues of this run, you learn everything you need to know about the character without having a Master’s Degree in Advanced Marvel Studies. You learn of her origin. You learn of the original CAPTAIN MARVEL, Mar Vell. You get plenty of character showcasing action that fills in all the blanks about who Carol Danvers is without having a seventy page break for exposition.

What I loved the most from this run was the fact they changed her suit. When she was Ms. Marvel, she dressed like she was going to be featured on the main stage of a seedy strip club and not fighting villains along with other heroes like The Avengers. For too long, comics have treated women visually as pretty much eye candy for prepubescent boys. I don’t buy for an instant that a Colonel in the Air Force like Carol Danvers would put on an outfit that showed more skin than the Bible has Psalms. Strategically the outfit made no sense. It’s not like Captain America would fight Hydra dressed in nothing but a red, white, and blue speedo.


The art work from Dexter Soy is a mixed bag for me. While there were some moments of brilliance in the issues I read, especially with the action scenes, the odd mix of pseudo photo realistic art just doesn’t sit well for me to truly enjoy it. It’s not bad by any means yet I found myself cringing at some of the artistic choices the further along I got in the story which ended up being distracting. The covers from Ed McGuinness, Dexter Vines, and Javier Rodriguez however are worth the price of admission alone. Carol is portrayed realistically, not the over sexualized female designs you expect from comics, yet she is powerful and beautiful on each cover.

CAPTAIN MARVEL is another great find in Marvel Unlimited. With over 17,000 comics and counting, you’re doing yourself a disservice not using this app. It’s the perfect way to dive into Marvel’s rich history which keeping up on current stories.

CAPTAIN MARVEL Reading list for the week:

CAPTAIN MARVEL (2012) Issues 1-5

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