– by Tim Jousma

When you ask a regular person who Howard the Duck is, the casual person will probably recall the George Lucas movie from the 80’s that was a sign of how bad a filmmaker he really is. Some folks may recall the cameo the character made in the movie Guardians of the Galaxy voiced by none other than Chris Griffin himself, Seth Green. Yet Howard the Duck began life in the pages of Marvel Comics.


  Starting with ADVENTURE INTO FEAR featuring Man-Thing and ending up with his own comic, Howard has been a mainstay in Marvel Comics for over 40 years. I’ve enjoyed the recent run of the comic from writer Chip Zdarsky and penciled Joe Quinones. The original comics however, not so much.

  The original comics are a product of their time, nothing more. Sometimes that’s not a bad thing as that can give readers an idea of what things were like in the past they may not get from a writer doing research on an era. What I mean though is that the stories as they are presented in the original comics passed for good at that time but don’t stand the test of time.

  I like the character. I really do. The effort of trying to get through the first five issues of the original run of the comic were laborious. Whether it be Turnip Man or Pro-Rata, the Chief Accountant of the Universe, Howard finds himself in ludicrous situation after ludicrous situation. I get the fact that this is the point of the comic. It’s meant to be humorous. I just found the results dull.

  The artwork is the only redeeming factor for me. Another instance of something being a product of its time but it’s quite a colorful, wonderful mess to look at. It’s like the artist Frank Bruner took a lot of acid, saw a Donald Duck cartoon, and was commissioned to make a comic on what they remembered. The results are unforgettable. Would they pass muster today? I highly doubt it. But visually, similar to Jim Steranko’s work on Nick Fury, Agent of SHIELD, you can’t turn away from these amazing illustrations.

  Don’t let what I say about the comic keep you from checking it out. All I give are my opinions. I don’t pretend my two cents are anything more than just my take on what I read. You can check out Howard the Duck and other comics on Marvel Unlimited. For $9.99 a month of $69 a year you have access to this and over 17,000 other comics you can either enjoy or loathe.

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