– by Seth McDonald

With the release of Thor: Ragnarok  right around the corner, a new clip premiered yesterday on The Ellen Show, with a scene involving Thor, Loki, and the film’s villain, Hela. In the clip we see Hela asking Thor to kneel before her, of course he doesn’t and uses his signature move and throws his hammer at her. Hela catches Mjölnir, and as Thor stands in disbelief, she then squeezes it until it starts to crumble before the scene ends in a flash.

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With there being very few beings that can even pick up Thor’s hammer, Hela being able to catch and crush Thor’s famous weapon, with what looked like little effort, really shows us what Thor is up against this time. Thor seems to have met his match, if not more, though I have a feeling he will find a way. I am more excited to see Thor: Ragnarok than I have been for any of the other films in the franchise, the difference in tone, the increase of humor, and Thor himself seems to have a whole new outlook, its going to be a good time at the theater.

Thor: Ragnarok hits theaters November 2.

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