Titan Comics: The Forever War Review

– by jay bradshaw

I have been looking forward to this new book in this series!  As I have posted before this series is based on the novel by Joe Haldeman, and also translated to English for today for us to enjoy.  In this chapter we find our main hero Mandella trying to reason why his government would push and torment their Army to fight and destroy the enemy called the Tauran.  He only hopes that his tour can end fast and return to normal life as a civilian back on Earth.  But as you find out time is a funny thing in space and it turns out his two year tour has been close to ten years and he was promoted to Sergeant.  The best part of this story is how Mandella return to Earth has a hero but come to terms that it is not the same Earth as he left it.  Unsure what to do with his life now he must decide to stay unemployed or go back to the military life he hated.  A great story that does leave you wanting more and looking forward to the next chapter in Mandella’s military life.  If you like military stories or sci-fi stories this book is without a doubt worth picking up and adding to your collection.

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